Scheduling an interview with a producer is one sure feat to achieve; you must definitely keep to schedule as most of them always have their time busy (At least the serious ones). My interview with SARZ was scheduled for 2:00 pm and because of my experience with Lagos traffic, I set out quite early, getting to the studio (I couldn’t get him out to conduct the interview elsewhere). On my arrival, I met a calm young man trying to perfect an already ear-pleasant beat. In the last three years, the name SARZ has grown exponentially to becoming relevant when it comes to music production in Nigeria.

Born Osaretin Osabuohein, this Lagos born and bred young dude who is from Edo state sojourn’s into the world of music production started when a friend of his introduced him to an audio production software to play around with, of which he did  come out with an awesome beat that he had to sell his first ever made beat.

Prior to that, SARZ has always had a flare for music production which made him remembers the beat to any song even as a little boy. Horning his skills better, he was able to work on one of Lord of Ajasa’s project and with that, he got connected with a whole lot of music artistes from Ruggedman, Shank to Jahbless, Dagrin and many more.

Not relenting on his hustle, he produced the beat to Dagrin’s Kondo, which got him fully introduced into the Nigeria Music Industry as a very talented music producer. The ripple effect that followed amazed this young individual and that has been his driving force ever since.

Another of SARZ’s motivation is getting inspiration from WIZKID who he proudly boasts has been one of the few artistes that can comfortable flow on his beats, in his words, “As an artiste, if you don’t come correct you can’t work with my beat and that’s because there is a whole lot of stuffs running through my head when am making a beat and I tend to create it, so I apparently need a compactable artiste to make it sound well

Recognizing his effort in 2012, Don Jazzy handed over to him the award for producer of the year and to him that was such a great accolade to receive from a personality like Don Jazzy.  Also in 2013, NIKE announced SARZ as their brand ambassador and he is hoping to achieve more accomplishments.

Though he is hardworking, he tends to fit his schedules into a 9-5 job to enable him have time for his family, friends and to relax.\


Jaiye Jaiye – Wizkid

Samba – Sarz ft Wizkid

Ghetto – Shank

Fantasi – Reminisce

Kondo – Da Grin

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