The term “celebrity” is one word that seems exclusive to a certain kind of people with a certain kind of class, carriage, fame and financial net worth.

How then do people become celebrities?

The story of the former bread seller turned celebrity is a typical example of how swift things could turn, even for someone who doesn’t have a dime to her name.

Wikipedia, however refers to “celebrity” as the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals and is usually associated with wealth or fame which provides them the opportunity to earn revenue.

Bearing this in mind, certain things are clear here:

  • The mass media “make” the celebrity
  • They are everyday human beings just like you and I.

We make these celebrities by the preferential treatment we give to them, a certain kind of loyalty and reverence which at times, does not fade away, coupled with the “Free Ads” given by the Followers to their favorites and all their ventures.

Why then do we expect miracles from them?

There is the notion that celebrities are extremely rich and can afford to take away the pains of the world, thereby leading to thousands and millions of requests in various kinds and when these are not met, they are termed “wicked”.


A celebrity works for her money and has the sole decision on how to expend it. If he or she doesn’t seem to attend to your propositions, it’s their choice and should spur you to achieve your dreams so that you can do better.


They are humans and not Miracle workers.

They cannot do everything, they cannot do your bidding for they live by their own dictates which makes your opinion “yours” alone.


They love their followers for they are “what” they are because of their unwavering support. The best advice I will give is, take the professional influence and allow them breathe. The spotlight isn’t easy, It’s a process and they learn all the time.

Sometimes,in airing your opinion, you get the “Other Side” of their mouth, do not worry, they are humans like us and aren’t we all afraid of the truth? (If what you say is true).

Celebrities are humans first before being professionals, let’s cut them some slack, on your next visit to their page, please be nice, they need you but may be too shy to say so.



This article was written by Esther Odunze; connect with her on IG here



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