I wish to watch behind the scenes of a movie,

Of which I’m the main character,

I can’t figure out a title for the movie,

Drama, comedy are all added up as themes of my movie,

A film full of people with brains such of an ant,

action poem

Others of a fly thinking of making sense out of garbage,

I won’t include such people as casts,

I climbed over a mountain to look down upon my past,

Where I met a hateful person who doesn’t have a second name,

Otherwise known as regrets,

Regrets had no time to showcase it’s face over the camera,

It never appeared on my script,

Whenever I was in action  I’ll always meet up regrets,

Holding a machete covered with people dressed up as spiders,

Aiming to intoxicate my heart,

My movie is merely a ripe mango called life,

Falling down from a mango tree,

From afar I heard an echo with the words camera on roll, action, cut,

I defined the words as pause, play and rewind.


Written by Gonsalves Mpili.

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