Music is an art, a culture, a spirit, and a lifestyle. It is possible to even determine where a person hails from by just listening to the kind of music that is generally associated with his/her people and tradition. The auspicious Burna Boy who has been on the news recently because of his new hit singles “Gbona” and “Ye” has, like many other artistes, created a niche for himself in the music industry.

Damini Ogulu; who hails from Ahoada in Rivers state but is better identified by his stage name Burna Boy, is a Nigerian Afro Fusion singer and songwriter. His rise to prominence began when he released his single titled “Like to Party” ___on the 31st of May, 2012. Since then, Burna Boy has not stopped breaking records in the music industry. Burna’s relevance in the music industry surrounds the make-up of his musical lyrics; he prides himself in talking about the constant struggle for survival and what it means to be a Nigerian in this age and time. Lyrics like; “I no wan kpai, I no wan die, I no wan kpeme, I wan enjoy, I wan chop life, I wan buy motor”, from his 2018 hit track “Ye” which describes to us how; ‘man runs from death but strives to live and enjoy life’, are the messages that Burna Boy enjoys passing across in his songs. One would notice if he/she were to be a die-hard fan of Burna’s fiery music that he makes the lyrics easy to understand especially for Nigerians and for people who familiarize themselves with Yoruba language as Burna boy’s lyrical construction are mainly in the Pidgin English and Yoruba language despite that he hails from Rivers.

Despite his successes and alluring musical finesse, Burna Boy has still been considered by some individuals as ‘overrated’ even when it could be clearly seen that Burna Boy is a man of one too many graces who has not even reached the peak of his potentials. He has been compared with the likes of Wizkid and Davido and has been considered not fit enough to wear their shoes. Meanwhile, some other people consider him as one of the top notched who would someday reign in Fela’s stead as they believe he is currently “underrated”. Amidst all these, Burna Boy presses onward, revealing a new musical wave each time he releases a new single. Nigerians have even requested that his new hit track “Ye” be used as the new national anthem; a little preposterous but depicting that Burna Boy is doing more than a great job. His uniqueness and rare sense of style in creating fascinating music, transmitting truthful messages without vocal stress will keep him for a longtime in the industry and take music to unimaginable heights.

If you then describe Burna’s Afrofusion as soulful, unique, daring, and full of life and spirit then you are right because he releases all shades of amazing, bringing music to life each time.



This article was written by Victoria Azenta; connect with her on IG here



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