If there is one song that best describes the turbulent 2-week rollercoaster ride of the demand to #EndSars and police brutality nationwide, and the eventual fallout that ended in a live broadcast of the shooting of peaceful protesters, it would be this one; 20:10:20

20:10:20 is the handiwork of music activist, Burna Boy and there is no surprise there. A little late to the growing protest, people noticed his absence and  took shots at him. In their logic, anyone else could be absent at the protests but not Burna.

The fact that he has shown time and again that he is vested in the pains of the masses and committed to lashing out at this administration, has not been lost on the people; hence their expectation.

Similarly named after releases like Afro soul singer Chike’s protest song and a couple others, Burna Boy’s 20:10:20 is a vengeful romantisizing of the continuous attempts by a failed Government to muffle it’s people and their rights to speak out.

The song employs no mystique or any other vague attempt to shield the lyrics in metaphor. Burna Boy simply takes shots at the principal actors of the infamous shooting, naming them by their titles; saving us the work of trying to figure out who the object of his angst is.

He fires off a familiar curse laced in folklore, ‘make all the dead body disturb you for your dreams,’ while using the opportunity to rant about issues like joblessness and lack of social amenities.

The objective of the song is simple. It is to immortalize the Lekki toll gate shooting and document the facts for posterity.

Give them many chances dem fail my people/

We call for justice dem kill my people.

Burna Boy’s style in this song is impassioned and clear cut, and the climax of the track is the emotional audio excerpt from the Lekki toll gate shooting and the voice of the people seconds before they were surrounded by flying bullets.

And although it’s not in anyway a competition, anyone releasing another Lekki toll gate type protest song after this work of genius, will probably fall short in establishing relevance.

But that’s my opinion.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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