Over the weekend, Afro-Reggae act – Burna Boy released his fourth musical project titled “Redemption”; the title perfectly describing his present status – redeeming his once loved vibe within the music scene.


Observing the cover artwork, the presence of Aristokrat Records’ logo alongside Burna Boy’s owned On A Spaceship’s logo confirms Burna’s return to the label that initially propelled his career into lime-light. And just like the prodigal son story in the bible, Aristokrat proved its fatherly love for Burna Boy with audio releases and eventually released an EP on the 23rd of September which had all tracks produced by Leriq – arguably the only producer capable of bringing the best sounds out of him.


Burna Boy who became ‘rebellious’ after a blossoming career left Aristokrat to launched his own label but failed to replicate or rather maintain the vibe Aristokrat created for him and despite releasing an album independently which had great songs that topped charts; it was quite obvious he needed well-experienced minds to run his affairs and this is one aspect Aristokrat never disappoints.


A quick run through the milestones Burna Boy achieved while at Aristokrat and during his independently managed career shows clearly a decline in endorsements, shows, appearances in the later and he cared less about the image representation that was been circulated online with the baby mama’s drama – a story Aristokrat would have managed properly.


His return should be a well-celebrated win for the music industry as we expect great sounds from a combination of Burna Boy and super producer Leriq. Already reviews of his “Redemption” project are confirming how well the industry missed such great combo.


With the brilliant minds at Aristokrat Records, a total turn around of Burna’s career is imminent and the industry is eagerly watching as things unfold and with the release of “Redemption”, Aristokrat are definitely on the right part.

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