Again, unless your man has told you precisely what he wants for this holiday, then this blog post is for you. As easy as it may seem, I’ve always known that it’s not a simple task shopping for men and searching for budget-friendly items for men to include in this article further solidified that fact. `Searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones every year can be a hassle; it’s not an easy job, especially when it’s for your partner. When it comes to the hassle of gift shopping, I don’t envy you guys who are in relationships or married. A single girl like me doesn’t have to worry about what to buy or money leaving my pocket but come valentine, trust me, if I’m still single by then, my tune would surely change, lol.

We have found a gift box company that curates gift boxes specifically for men to help you ladies with the burden of searching for the perfect gift. URBANMEN-NG are a men’s gift box company that put together executive gift sets for men. with Items such as cufflinks, ties, socks, perfumes, grooming items, lapel pins, wines, etc. Below are gift box sets ranging from 9500 – 45,000 naira.

Now you have no excuse to get your man something nice this season, and just in case you’re in the mood to splurge, they have more pricey gift boxes you can check out ;).

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