Lately, there have been a lot of trending controversial issues that has rocked the social media, one of the numerous are the artist throwing jabs at each other, it has become the order of the day to find such interactions on the social media frontier.

For us as humans, the feeling that we are better off than others can erupt, it is allowed! Placing a case study on the Nigerian music industry, issues like this have come up in the past few days which got a lot of attention on social media. Remembering how it used to be in the past, has social media taken over the place of beef tracks?

Why would there be an industry without beef or some sort of competition? that would not just work well with some of us. There would be no impact if the only place we get to see your beef gist is on social media, as music makers we should get some epic jams that would we can keep in our memory for as long as possible.

Taking us back to some of the celebrity beefs that has had a lasting impression on the industry, in 2013 we had the Vector/Reminisce battle, we had something to talk about; they dropped singles that got the teeming fans making arguments of who makes the best music – you might feel the need to argue that both are rappers, what about the Ruggedman/ 9ice beef or even Kelly Handsome/MI or even the worse of all the, Mallam Spicey vs Terry G.

The Messi/Ronaldo beef is not only seen on the social media, we see them competing hard to see that one overrides the other. Recently McGregor called out Mayweather  for a fight, this is beef in the real sense.

For artist, music is your own turf if you feel that you’ve a beef let’s hear it in your lyrics. The point is music is your art, you ain’t a social media marketer or even an influencer. Show us what you’ve got by giving us lyrics that would get us talking about your fracas till time immemorial. We are tired of only social media wars it would be more intellectual if you feed us some verses to talk about.

If the only beef you can do as a musician is social media beef, in Small Doctor’s voice “Hide your face.” Shall we have the beef tracks again!


This article was written by Ademola Adeyemi; he tweets via @shemzy_thegreat

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