Last week, there was outcry on social media about Bobrisky and how he was chosen to speak at the New Media Citizens Conference which happened at Abuja. The fact that Bashir Ahmed, a Presidential Aide and Subomi Plumptre, an executive of Alder Consulting also pulled out of speaking at the conference was also one of the reasons for the outcry.


In as much as I am not so much a fan of Bobrisky, I did not see any reason for the public lashing he received. Everybody has a story, whether good or bad, and there is just someone who their story is made for. Talking about stories is even going too far. Bobrisky used social media (snap-chat) to become a “celebrity” and became well known for his craft. How many brands have used Snap-chat since it was launched to their advantage?


Bobrisky mastered the art of telling stories about his life and whether or not they were true, youths followed up and you can see that from his huge followership on Snap chat. He caused a sensation so huge, even media houses started to interview him to find out more about his person. Now how many companies have been able to do that? How many brands have been able to tell stories about their services? How many brands have been able to tell stories so convincing enough that has generated a lot of traffic and attention to themselves?


You hear he is to be on the board of people and all we can think about is how he does not deserve to be on the same panel. I feel people need to change their orientation about certain things and come to see everybody as a human being irrespective of whether their values align with ours or not. I mean, life is not that hard. To issue a press statement stating that you would not sit on a panel because of one person? Come on, don’t you think you are blowing everything out of proportion? Again it brings me to the social conformity that occurs in our society. If there was no backlash against Bobrisky being on the panel in that event, would they have backed out in the manner they did?


Backing out of a panel session because of trivial reasons such as those stated only waters down your effort at building a brand because you have inadvertently insinuated that you are not meant for a certain type of people.


Anyways, I feel we should leave Bobrisky alone, and let him be.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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