This weekend, the highly-anticipated Multichoice Nigeria special – Big Brother Naija Season 5 kicks off amidst a pandemic ridden city.

Fans are pumped with excitement about the new season of the franchise especially on the backdrop of the finale interviews of the last housemates that created quite a stir.

Rumors are that the housemates have been quarantined for two weeks to meet the requirements of their staying together in a house and so they can have the green lights to take their masks off, literally and figuratively.

There are quite a few amendments that have been reported to be made to this season of the viral TV franchise to make it more pandemic compliant and basically tick all the boxes of the NCDC health criteria for gathering.

No house ninjas, no live eviction shows, no external visitors to the house are some of the more drastic alterations that the show is prepared to make and we are a little concerned about how the show will generally pan out with these vital changes in place.

For example, how will the arena games be set up or adequately monitored, if there are no house ninjas to supervise the proceedings? What is going to happen to our favorite scenes of intrusion by ninjas, who at the behest of Big Brother gets to toy with the housemates, while they have been commanded to freeze by Big Brother himself?

It just cannot be the same. Not with all the social distancing measures being included. The best we can hope for is that we get a few love interests to spark up in the first few weeks of the show, to keep us glued to our TV all through the season.

Love can never go wrong, right?

But to balance out all the new ‘rules,’ the breakdown of the grand prize for this season of BBNaija has also undergone some interesting changes.

The cash prize takeaway is still a whooping N30 million; then there’s a two-bedroom apartment courtesy Revolution Plus; a top of the range SUV from Nigerian automaker, Innoson Motors; a trip to Dublin courtesy Guinness; home appliances courtesy Scanfrost and a variety of other goodies totaling about N85 million.

As we all settle down this Sunday to see how this new season of Big Brother Naija will go, here’s to all the incarcerated housemates who will be locked in and oblivious, while the world continues to fight a raging pandemic.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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