Have you ever wondered where the goosebumps come from when you listen to a song that speaks to your heart without your permission? It beats the imagination, which is what makes it so priceless. 

Music is beyond a combination of notes, it is therapeutic, eases your soul of all stress by making your heartbeat sync perfectly with every rhythm.

Music is a means of communication whose language speaks to your soul. Although it speaks the same language of words, it is interpreted in different ways to every unique soul it communicates with. So when we listen to music, we can say we all speak the same language; a language of words but in different handwritings, tones and beats.

It’s more than a Melody that entertains your ears, each letter is carefully woven into words that form the lyrics which our individual heart relates to. Isn’t it amazing that there is a song for every kind of mood we might find ourselves delving into? That’s how powerful music is.

There has been several tales of how music has saved souls with suicidal thoughts, this proves beyond reasonable doubts that music has the power to revive almost dead souls. How it does this is just beyond amazing.

Whenever you are unsure of your essence, music has the ability to whisper softly into your ears in penetrating symphony. It helps you dig deep into your being to find that purpose which has the ability to set your soul on fire.

When you lose a loved one, music reminds you of the hope that exists in love even after death with the memories of your loved one engraved in your heart.

When you’re bored and tired, music pumps you up and fills you with an energy you never thought you had.

We are people from different continents, different countries, diverse languages, contrasting skin tones. Despite our differences, there is this one thing that brings us all together and bridges our language barrier – Music.

Music is beyond high and low pitched notes, way deeper than the lyrics that come with it, more energizing than the fast beats that keep our hearts pumping in gyration. 

Music is love, one that knows no differences.

It is a bond, one whose cord cannot be broken.

It is life, and life in itself is a gift we will forever be grateful for.

This article was written by Alara Charis Oluwaseyi; connect with her on IG here 

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