Waje has a thing for reggae-laced vibes.

Her rendition of the 2013 banger ‘I wish’ gave us a window into her colour-coded love for the conscious genre.

Even back then, the smoothness of her vocals carried a vibrant tinge that was almost ethereal, blending smoothly with the otherwise jaded instrumentation.

But there should be no surprise there; after all we are talking about Waje; the vocal powerhouse whose vocal range is said to cover an impressive three octaves. Easily one of the most naturally -versatile voice artistes across Nigeria’s list of contrived performers.

Waje is back with another reggae-driven single after the nominal reception of her EP, ‘Red Velvet,’ and this time she teams up with singer-songwriter, Cracker Mallo who gets production credit for crafting the magic of the sound.

‘Best Thing’ is a verified ‘Shisha’ song, best enjoyed in a hallucinogenic state and based loosely on the concept of love; Waje’s favourite subject matter.

The 2 minute, 12 second long track is laced with a heartwarming, nostalgic exterior that somehow makes up for the unnecessarily shortened verses that Waje delivers. The good part about the concise nature of the song, ‘Best Thing’ would have to be the enhanced stream value that it is prone to offer.

Waje has made it a point to stay with what she knows and not loiter across genre. This consistency has given her sound more credence over the years and sprung her to a place in her career where we expect only good music from her, nothing less.

If the track ‘Best Thing’ and the unexpected collaboration with a confirmed hitmaker like Cracker Mallo is anything to go by, then Waje might be on her way to making some career-defining magic.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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