It is Officially Christmas Season and although the year has been crazy, it is only right that we end it on a happy note. Christmas is all about family and friends and Gifts, so here are a couple of gifting ideas to help you out.

A Trip: with everything going wrong in the country, it would be refreshing to get away from all the chaos before it drives you mad. A part or full expense paid trip to anywhere ANYWHERE!!!, could really help your loved one(s) relieve the built up stress and frustration. Travelling to other states or countries both in or outside Africa, like Kenya, Tanzania, Greece, to help clear your thoughts can help them prepare themselves for the new year ahead.

Health care and skin care products: we would all love to be beautiful inside and out. Gifting people you love care products like vitamins, lotions and serums lets them know you are out for their wellbeing. Skin care products especially because the weather is way too sunny and dry and tends to strip our skin of nutrients. Care products are useful to all ages and sexes.

Gift cards and coupons: If you find it hard choosing what other people may like, or you don’t really know their preferences in terms of fashion like clothes, shoes, bags etc., Gift cards or coupons to their favorite online stores, really ensures that they love what you have bought since they get to choose it themselves. It also helps when you don’t know their sizes and would like to surprise them with items.

Money: Nigerians generally prefer this form of gifting for obvious reasons. This is great because you don’t have to think on what to get, and it helps when the person is not close by. Gifting money allows people to get themselves what they would appreciate.

Presents: Surprising your family or friends with items, accessories, appliances or gadgets you think they would like or know they have wanted, like a PS5 or 30 inches bone straight hair or a new phone will definitely secure their love for the new year. This is usually ideal for parents, as they may not accept cash.

 Edible arrangements and flowers: Personally, I wouldn’t like a gift I could only eat and smell (unless it is perfume), but some people appreciate food as gifts, like your rich aunty that you know you can’t afford to buy what suits her taste or an employer that you would rather not spend that much money on. Flowers and food go well as side gifts or add-ons to the actual gift to make it more heart felt.

Prayers and well wishes: The last but definitely not the least. Praying for someone and wishing them well goes a longer way than a PS5. This is the greatest gift we can give and the most cost effective.

Don’t forget to always stay on budget when gifting!

This article was written bAnn Onaji; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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