It is a known fact that Instagram is one of the trendiest social platforms right now. It is fun for regular people to catch up with their favourite celebrities, meet new people, and learn new things about beauty, fashion and just life in general. A lot of celebrities of course have so many followers. Take Kim Kardashian for example, she has a whopping 97.4 million Instagram followers! Our very own WizKid has 3.4 million followers – both really big numbers. What interests a lot of people though is how regular people like you and I pull in big numbers.

I was able to do some more digging to get to the root of how to become instafamous and I learnt two big secrets.

Take The Perfect Selfies!!

Of course selfies are hard to take. Most people take at least 3 and pick the best one. For those of us out there who have to take at least 10, here’s how to reduce that number and be completely satisfied.

Good lightening: this is key in taking any kind of picture. Try not to take your selfie in a poorly lit room or a room with harsh fluorescent light. Natural light is the best so take your selfies near a window or outside.

Use your phone’s back camera:  the back camera of most phones takes higher resolution pictures. So for a clearer picture it is better to use the back and not the front. You won’t be able to see the picture while you’re taking it but chances are you will prefer the result.

Consider the background of the picture: a lot of people seem to forget about their background when taking selfies. The best selfies have more than just a face. If you’re taking the selfie outdoors then make sure the background isn’t too distracting. But if you want to take the selfie in your room for example then position yourself in front of the background you wish to show off but don’t make it too obvious that you intend to show off the background.

Capture your best angle: when taking a selfie, know your good side and take the picture from that angle. Instead of taking a picture facing your face directly, try exploring different angles to see which one suits you best. When taking a selfie, try turning your head a few notches to the right or left so that your face seems less flat. Holding the camera slightly above the head so that it is slanted downwards will help you avoid getting a ginormous nose in your selfie.

Remember chin down camera up!

Keep Your Instagram Page Interesting

Another important key to becoming instafamous is to keep your Instagram interesting. How you ask? Well it is easy really. A lot of people want to see things that interest them. Maybe make a short video once in a while, post pictures of yourself in different places doing differently things. All that makes you seem like a fun and outgoing person. Very catchy.

If you’re not the type to go out then you can definitely make your Instagram exciting by showing off your outfits. Take full pictures of yourself. Combine different clothes. Just basically show off your style. Sometimes just take pictures of say your shoes or your jeans. Anything to keep your followers interested.

Yeah there are a lot of people who do not care about how many followers they have on Instagram and that’s good. It’s always important to keep in mind that the internet is all about illusions and the best way to survive on any social media is to keep it fun, don’t become too engrossed in it. Just have fun with it!


This article was written by Faith Onaji; culled from Issue 16

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