A graduate of geology, Alamutu Abiola, popularly known as Mz Nyra is a published commercial model and the first girl from a family of five. Talking about transitioning from geology to modelling, she says, “It really wasn’t a switch, it just happened when I was in my 2nd year, so I just went with the flow.” She is known to a lot of people as a video vixen, but according to her, she isn’t exactly doing videos anymore as she has moved from being a video vixen into being a fitness motivator. “There needs to be structure, and there isn’t, which is why vixens are not getting paid well and that, I don’t appreciate!

Describing her job as a fitness motivator she says, “I basically help you find your motivation. I also constantly help people who are willing to train.” She adds that she pushes herself as a fitness motivator on social media, putting out detailed information on what to eat, what not to eat, what routines help with what part of the body, etc.

Going back to modeling, one would assume that models are supposed to be very tall, at least a 5ft 9″, but that is not the case with Mz Nyra as she is 5ft 6″. “It is safe to say I do every type of modeling except runway but you never know, today there are openings for plus size models to walk the runway, so you really never know what tomorrow holds for the short models. So, yes I do print, billboards, etc.” She would go on to list brands she has worked with: Guinness, Haier Thermocool, PZ, Slim tea Nigeria, to mention a few.

Fitness for her is not about trying to be skinny, but staying healthy and maintain her natural body size. “Fitness for me is being able to eat the same things I eat, but in a healthy way. The way I would eat ‘Eba’ for instance, is not the way you would eat it. It is basically understanding how and when to eat these foods and when not to eat them, but people do not understand that.” She works out at the gym at least four times a week, and trains different parts of her body every day.

She feels that people need to be educated properly about the job of a video vixen. According to her, “The video vixen is the spice to the video. If for instance, the artiste sings in his video alone, how many people would watch it? For how long will it be played before people start to get bored of seeing only the artiste on set?” She goes on to say that the difference between a video vixen and an actor, is the fact that the actor talks while the video vixen communicates with body language. She also emphasizes the fact that video vixens don’t get to pick the roles they play.










Speaking about people who see being a video vixen as objectifying yourself, her take on that is, “I am comfortable in my skin and I totally do not care what the next person feels about me, because I can’t be bothered what you do to yourself. At the end of the day, people are always going to talk from a distance until they have to wear your shoes.” As a vixen, she has worked with Unlimited LA, Patrick Ellis, and Clarence, to mention a few.

She also speaks about her parents and how they took the fact that she was a video vixen, saying “I had to take my mother out with me on set, and make her understand what we do, and the whole stress it entails, after which she made my father understand.” About future plans, she says, “Life has just started for me and there is no telling what tomorrow holds exactly, but I am not looking to settle down any time soon, not next year, not next two years“.



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