Adekunle Gold held the title once but that was many years ago. The quantum leap of his soaring music career, the woman of his dreams and a decision to focus solely on the music, has successfully stripped him of the title of ‘King Of Photoshop.’

A new King now dons the crown, comfortably seated in his stead. Christened Amodu Ayodeji Peter but more commonly known as ‘Ayo The Creator,’ the imaginative hyper-creativity employed in the work of this emerging visual storyteller, often leaves you with the sense that creativity doesn’t favour boundaries or limitations.

Ayo the creator is that gifted. His newest venture is an innovative, action-fueled, Grand Theft Auto parody, expertly simulated by human characters, complete with video game type movements and on-screen information to create an all-encompassing ‘game environment’ for the audience.

The highly-engaging ‘GTA videos’ are released on instagram in instalments and have featured guest appearances from Rema and Joeboy, with the actors simulating choreographed movements just like game characters.

On how the GTA parody idea was developed, Ayo The Creator offered.

“My brother came up with the concept, I just followed through. I really wasn’t totally sure it would turn out good, till we shot the first episode.”

The journey for Ayo The Creator started with the young creative studying the photoshopped memes created by his brother, who is also a visual artist.

“I found it really mind blowing making crazy pictures by simply combining pictures and elements creatively. So I started mine but my initial concept was wanting to be in cool clothes so I always put my face on Wizkid pictures. and that’s how I started working with digital softwares and later expanded on it,” he responded.

Burdened with a seven year plan to launch a media production company of their own, Ayo The Creator alongside his brother Bayo, are set to unveil their media production outfit called Creators Universe, with the launch of a ‘Visual EP Project.’  

The Visual EP Project, a first of its kind, will feature a collection of original songs recorded with top-rated music artistes, complete with a visual story that connects all the songs on the EP with a singular message.

Long before all the razzmatazz of social media impressions and tiktok virality, Ayo The Creator worked in a small film production house where he did commercial & wedding film/photography.

“I also made music videos for musicians in my neighborhood and I used to make short sketches which I never really published. It was just for the consumption of family and friends,” he added.

Fast forward to his new found viral success and the method of making money has considerably changed, leaning more towards ads on his high-traction, engaging posts. His photoshopped photos have been known to bring a lot of laughs, with its cleverly-altered visuals of celebrities in ‘strange locations’ and unlikely ‘friendships.’

“Creating content is like selling fruits, you have to sell what is fresh and what looks good and even if they’ve never had such a fruit before, it has to look good and trigger certain emotions.” Ayo maintains.

On the addictive nature of his content, he had this to say.

“I like delving into feelings like nostalgia, high-octane action, while inserting hidden elements for my audience to find because people feel rewarded when they see what the general masses don’t or if all else fails, I just use plain humor.”

Visual projects at the Creators Universe are not as light and breezy as the final products indicate and Ayo The Creator was quick to point it out.

“It takes almost a week to create most kinds of content, from writing to getting resources; budget, casting, location, props, logistics, filming, editing and sound. It takes lots of planning to achieve.”

They never show the pre and post production grunt work on social media, and insist that it’s being kept as content to be released “...on a good day.

Ayo The Creator is modest, attributing a lot of credit to his partner, brother and co-founder of Creator’s Universe, Bayo. 

“I am not trying to sound proud but my inspiration is definitely my brother Bayo. We make a good team; he conquers the technical side while I undertake the creative one.”

The story of Ayo The Creator carries the age-long lesson that anything is truly possible.

A below average existence and a festering desire to push the limits to supersede everything else, has taken its toll on this young creative. He may not see all the way to the end of the tunnel but what he sees excites him and from the quality of his creations and the contagious energy he constantly exudes, it should excite us too!

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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