Ayanfe Olarinde’s month long solo exhibition at the African Artist’s Foundation enters its third week. The exhibition titled, Now I Know Why Birds Fly, opened its doors to the public on May 1st, 2022, and is set to run till June 4th, 2022. The exhibition is curated by the foundation’s creative manager, Princess Ayoola.

For Ayanfe, Now I Know Why Birds Fly serves as a “journal of youthful reemergence with its tongue on the stream of life. It is a journal of recollections painted with the surreal signature motif of the artist’s mind trying to make tangible the mental and visceral taste of life fleeting in time as it moves from one moment to the next.”

Ayanfe Olarinde is a visual artist who employs scribbling techniques as well as photography in creating multi- layered pieces. She coined the term ‘Jagaism’ to describe her scribble technique used in her art pieces. Jagaism is coined from the Nigerian street lingo Jaga Jaga, to describe something crooked.

The pieces in the exhibition stem from the artist documenting her experiences in 2021. She describes the previous year as a key year filled with a lot of life defining moments for which she felt she needed to present.

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