Award season is upon us.

It’s that time of the year that is characterized by a unique adrenaline rush that fuels recognition and reward; the season that trails the achievement of various creatives and their efforts all through the year to innovate in their various industries.

As is typical, we should by now be seeing a series of ads telling us who and who is prepped to be rewarded for their creative enterprises.

But as you know, every typical premise in today’s world has been viciously upended by the story of the pandemic.

But amid the vengeful global health crises, stakeholders have gone on to create virtual alternatives of their usual events that has totally changed the way we experience events.

Awards, especially music-based ones have gone on regardless. Not in the usual fashion of crowd and camaraderie, but in an altered version of virtual performances and pre-recorded acceptance speeches.

From the VMAs to the BET Awards and more recently the Emmys, show promoters have slowly upped their game in how they stage award ceremonies and the result of their tinkering has been met with rave reviews.

Here in Nigeria, little or nothing has been said about award ceremonies and if there are any plans to stage them notwithstanding. There has been a lingering silence altogether as regards events and award ceremonies and concerned stakeholders are beginning to make assumptions.

Before the whole world went to hell in a hand basket, the SoundCity Awards hosted a memorable night of music and magic, sometime in January 2020.

There was no way they would know that their seemingly innocent award event, would probably be the last Nigerian award that would be held physically.

The truth is that if renowned awards events like the Emmys can think through the towering challenges of catering to a tribe of music lovers and still create one of the biggest nights in entertainment, then local-based awards like The Headies and Afrimma can manage too.

The logistics of crafting an award ceremony is financially more manageable when done virtually, all you need to do is engage some serious brainstorming to innovate the process, so it doesn’t lose the mystic and magic that it has created over the years.

There’s no merit in choosing to postpone these events; that would indicate a lack of innovation from local brands and emphasize their dwindling creativity. 

But most of all, pushing aside award ceremonies because it can’t be held physically would disrupt the recognition culture of our industry and overlook the hardwork that many creatives have continued to put in, in spite of the pandemic.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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