At the recently held “The Coronation”, an evening of rap, cyphers and spoken words organized by AQ and Loose Kaynon of 100 Crowns Entertainment and Chocolate City at CCX Lounge, Victoria Island, our correspondence was on ground to savour the evening and have some chats with some of the artists on ground. 

AQ was on ground from the very go of the event and obliged our correspondence his views on his recent Lyricist on the Roll Headies Award, his relationship with Vector, MI, their beef and what it means to be finally recognized after many years of working hard to be known.

“It is a good thing that I finally won the Headies Award on the Lyricist on the Roll category. It is a testament to the fact that good things and eventual recognition come to those who work hard and persevere, but I tell you, I feel nothing. I mean, the whole euphoria I should be feeling for finally winning that award is not there because it came at the time I long lost interest in being recognized as such. But I appreciate it though. It’s a good thing I won. It has laid the matter to rest, as to whether I am good or not,” he told our correspondent 

On his relationship with Vector, he alleged he was never “under Vector” as many assumed: “I wasn’t signed to his label. We were just friends. As for MI, he’s my real G, label boss, partner and friend. My relationship with him has yielded more results and as you can see, there is a quantum leap in my career, so much so that I am now a label executive (100 Crowns) and have artists of my own. Shout out to MI.”

He equally hinted that he never sat down to discuss “Distractions”, the song he featured Vector where the latter beefed Reminisce. According to him, “I simply did a song and called Vector in as a friend, whatever he said to Reminisce where just his decision as I have no business with that. And if you check, my reply to him in this ongoing beef is also titled “Distractions”; my way of putting that title in proper perspective and to whom it may concern.”


His parting words are quite sobering, especially his message to underground rappers struggling to be heard. AQ believes that who will shine must shine no matter how long it eventually takes, especially if the person withstands the temptation to quit. He believes that with a joint album with Loose Kaynon, a label of his own and good recognition, he can now comfortably quit, knowing that his struggles weren’t in vain.

When asked if we should expect another project any time soon, he simply said “I am not sure for now. I want to focus on my artists and my label for now.”

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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