Ever wondered about the true meaning of class and why some men are more respected in fashion than others? It is the little things that matter. Men who pay attention to details in fashion can definitely fit into the world called class. People often say that men cannot be taking too long to dress up, or look good because they might be considered a woman, but let me remind you that in our world today, fashion opens doors, not only for women but for men as well, because it is perceived that if you can take care of yourself and the way you look, then you can definitely handle my business. Class is not about breaking the bank but simply putting things together the right way. Some people wear theirs wrongly, and do not know how far a good coordination of socks can take an outfit from 0 to 100.

People can reckon that socks are significant to men or sometimes for ladies that want to wear snickers, which is on very rare occasion. Socks are worn by men to keep the fit dry, comfortable, for athletics purposes, to prevent cold, and for fashionable purposes. This article is going to shed more light on using socks as a powerful tool in being fashionable and classy.

The art of wearing socks is not by just wearing anything, even if its dirty and doesn’t go with the outfit, but the thought and planning put into the act. The idea of a man rushing off to work and saying ‘’I don’t have any socks, let me throw on this white one to work.’’ White socks are not for every occasion. If you are going to throw on some jeans, then go with it. As wearing the appropriate colour is important, the fabric of the socks is very important as well, for cooperate outfits, opt for light fabric, could be linen or silk, for casual or athletic wears, thicker types is advised.

There are different kinds of socks like the Athletic-socks, which enhances a man’s physical performance. It comes in tube form to low cut. It prevents moisture and traps in heat. It is very comfortable. The athletic-socks should be worn when doing athletic activities; it normally comes in white colour. The dress socks are common with suit or casual clothing. It normally comes with colours like black, charcoal grey, medium grey, green, brown, burgundy. Bear in mind that lighter shades of socks go with brighter outfit and vice versa. The protective type is one that protects the feet from cold and keeps the feet warm, they are worn in extreme cold conditions, usually very thick. The ankle socks is one that are appropriate when wearing snickers with shorts or for one who chooses not to wear a long socks. This type is common with the ladies, especially for their high heels, or if they are wearing snickers with short jeans skirt. It is also a choice out of preference.

Ambus Dumbledore said ‘’One can never have enough socks’’ this means that as we shop endlessly for clothes shoes and bags, socks should not be taken out of the plan as they are as important as clothing’s.

One trend that is super fashionable is the patterned-socks with different colours and designs. Very few men follow this trend or try to incorporate this into their outfit. Most men are more aware of basic colours like black, brown, black and white, the classy men are the ones that play around with colours and pattern. For example bright yellow can go with dark jeans or dark trousers, especially if it’s for a casual look. Yellow socks can also go with dark brown shirt or trousers, but be sure not to wear patterned outfit from head to toe.

If you are going to wear a patterned one, make sure you are wearing a plain outfit and plain shoes, the idea is for your socks to get noticed and stand out. White and black coloured socks is another beautiful colour, as this can go with red top, plain black and any other colour you feel is comfortable and appropriate.

There are really no strict rules in matching socks and outfit, as it is about being creative and trendy. Men who wear patterned socks speak volumes with their outfit and are tagged fashionable. Plain coloured like red, green, purple, the list is endless are in trend as men want to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves more with wearing different colours of socks. Socks can be matched with belt and shoe.

Socks can show a playful side or serious side to a person, a soft side or a creative side. Bear in mind that all these are mainly experimented with casual outfits. For corporate outfit, they are expressed minimally. The cocktail and dinner outfits have to do with more expression of colours except the man is not adventurous, then he would stick with what he is used to.

Quality over quantity should be considered when choosing socks. That classy lady at the corner might just want to check out how coordinated your socks game is. Would you rather be classy or boring?


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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