“innocent, sweet and lovely, her own àpótíèrí CHIC

full of smiles that melt the heart

exquisite, sexy and charming, his àpótíèrí LADY

brimming with strength for every matter

elegant, wise and graceful, their àpótíèrí WOMAN

dishing out love to all and sundry

she deserves to be pampered, this my àpótíèrí queen, what about yours?

Originally from Sagamu in Ogun State but based in Lagos Nigeria, Tiwatope is the charismatic, iconic, and unstoppable creative director of Sapphire by Tieri – a fast emerging brand for women’s wear. She is full of several dreams and ambitions which she constantly works at turning into realities.

When I dress up, I like to follow my instincts and moods rather than just conforming to the trends: Starting from minimal clothing and adding complimentary pieces one by one in order to define my desired look. Initially, comfort was the priority,although it later metamorphosed into style and trend.  I also love the indigenous and natural lifestyle, and think it is still coherent with today’s world of fashion.

This background and interest is what birthed ÀPÓTÍÈRÍ [The Chic. The Lady. The Woman.]. ÀPÓTÍÈRÍ represents a cultured female who has her younger chic days, grows into a working class lady and finally a responsible family woman, making fashion statements all the way irrespective of her background.

ÀPÓTÍÈRÍ [The Chic. The Lady. The Woman.] is a debut collection and the designs are tailored to be comfortable, realistic and style-defining. At Sapphire by Tieri, we believe simplicity describes the true identity of fashion items,making them trustworthy and highlighting only what is necessary.

Our objective is to keep crafting dependable, coherent and innovative fashion statements while reinventing ourselves every day.

“Need I mention a whole lot of people have worked with me to make this a reality – especially my family? I paint a picture with my personal point of view, but they take it 360 degrees and it comes out awesome.”

IG: @sapphirebytieri

FB: sapphirebytieri

W: www.vitotieri.com

Check out photos of the collection below:


CREATIVE DIRECTOR       Tiwatope Adetoye

PHOTOGRAPHY                 ChidiNwankwo

MODEL                                 Scarlet Shotade

MAKE UP                             SidietuBuhari

HAIR & STYLING                Vito Tieri

ASSISTANT                          AjokeAnjorin

ILLUSTRATION                   SBT illustrations

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