The AMVCA, our very own African Oscars, which happened over the weekend, has given us a lot to talk about. There are those whose primary concern is the award winners, and others like me focus on the fashion side of things. The AMVCAs tend to set the pace for the looks we get to see throughout the year, and so the celebrities must turn up looking good in outfits that are fantastic and worthy of inspiration and re-creation. The AMVCA is a black-tie affair, giving you a sense of what to expect from the attendees. However, some people take risks and stray away from the script. It pays off for some, but not for most. 

The AMVCA is also a night for top Nigerian and African designers to showcase and be recognised for their work. The AMVCAs usually award the best-dressed male and female guests. The audience votes and makes the selection. Outside of that, however, fabulous designs are quickly spotted, and people save images of looks and designers they want to try. This year, as with other years, some guests served us truly impressive and noteworthy looks, while some others reminded us that a sense of style is a rare gift that not everyone has a claim to.

In the words of Fela, “Let us start what we have come into the room to do.” And just like with the Met Gala fashion review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and that of “The Fashion Score Card.” Remember Ifeanyi and Charles, whose Met Gala fashion takes I included in my Met Gala fashion review. They finally came together and created The Fashion Score Card, an official platform where they intelligently critique and rate fashion looks with a dash of sarcasm.

This time, I’m going to start with the looks that were breath-taking and tastefully done because I’ll need the ginger from my excitement over these looks to face those in the sinful and hideous category.

Osas Ighodaro

Osas not only won the best actress in a drama and best-dressed female of the night, but she also won our hearts in this number! And just as with Blake Lively’s Met Gala look, there’s no argument that this delivered one hundred percent, and Osas deserved to win best dressed. The designer also deserves her flowers for this because it’s undoubtedly a labour of love. Here’s Charles’s take on this outfit: “Look at how intelligently the bust area was secured and covered using the fabric details, whilst keeping the original intention of the dress, which was a nude illusion.” The mesh blends nicely with her skin. The train wasn’t just thrown on or attached; a lot of work went into it. The fit of the dress, the hair, makeup, accessories, and even the intentionality in placing the appliques made this look a 10/10.

Alex Asogwa

This look on Alex is giving me a Black Cinderella fairytale, and I’m in love! This is literally what dreams are made of. If it was possible to give the award for the best-dressed female to more than one person, then Alex would have been another winner. Here’s what Ifeanyi had to say: “From the subtle light blue to silver patterned lace, to the length and the flow of the princess waistline train, to the general styling, the look is regal and oozes luxury.”

Erica Nlewedim

Erica gave us a complete fairytale story in this look. I’m obsessed! The fabric choice is perfect; the colour is divine. This is what a “Transformer Dress” should look like; it transforms into a sexy mermaid dress. “The full look screams VaVa Voom in all forms. The waist region is nicely cut. I love the choice of an up-do hairstyle to soften the volume of the dress on her face.” The entire look is giving “futuristic glamazon glamour,” says Ifeanyi.

Nengi Hampson

As a lover of red, this look is red hot, and I’m here for all of it. I’m a huge fan of the exaggerated sleeve trend, and I love how this was nicely executed. This look is edgy and sophisticated. Ifeanyi’s take: “I love how the bottom half of the dress is subtle to push the attention to the top; the nude illusion lining was well done; the clean black ponytail; and the poppy red lipstick.” He continues, “She is living my Red Lady fantasies.”

Bisola Aiyeola

It seems like most of our favourite female ex-Big Brother Naija housemates came ready for the AMVCAs. Alex, Erica, Nengi, and the “OG,” Bisola, all arrived ready to remind us why they are our favourites. Bisola has never come across to me as a fashionista, so I was pleasantly surprised with this outfit. I agree with Ifeanyi’s take on this look, which is that it is worth a look; “From the mustard yellow lace to the organza sleeve and cape, to the fit and the hairstyle. He loves how the sleeve forms a half finger glove, and he won’t change anything about the entire look.

Nancy Isime

I honestly don’t have to say much about this look; it speaks for itself. The pearls, the sheer lace, the illusion, the jewellery, everything is perfect.

Denola Grey

From the moment I saw his look on my timeline, I knew it was a winner, and the rest of “the ton” certainly agreed with me because he won the award for best-dressed male. Denola is someone that dares to take risks for fashion, and this time it paid off. Charles and I both loved that he opted for a half blazer. From the embellishments on the blazer to the bowtie and the choice of accessories, you can see the intentionality that went into putting this look together. 

Daniel Etim-Effiong

I am in love with this tux. It screams elegance and sophistication. Daniel showed out with this one, and I one hundred percent approve. Charles says, “I love how audacious this look is. It’s a tux with a difference.”

Enioluwa Adeoluwa

Eni is a fashionista, and I expected nothing less from him. Ifeanyi says, “Eni leaves no stone unturned in this 3 piece suit. The white, burgundy, black and gold all blend well. It’s giving off MJ and Sisco vibes.”


This category is for looks that should have been great but one or more sinful mistakes cost them our praises.

Timini Egbuson

This look had the potential to be amazing, but here’s why it’s not up there with the others. The ruffled pants don’t make this a clean look. If only it were tucked into the boots. The extra embellishment on the neck is overkill and really should not have been added. As Ifeanyi pointed out, I can see the Scottish and Catholic influences on this look, and to me, it’s better than what Travis Barker wore to the Met Gala. It’s a good look. I only wish it was better executed.


I have to put aside my love for Elozonam so I can tackle this squarely. I can see the vision behind this look and it pains me that they did not bring it to life. The long waistcoat has a modern Bridgeton vibe to it. However, the fit is wrong; the trousers are too bulky and too long that they have folds, and the suit is heavily padded. The idea of sewing a high-low hem suit went wrong, as pointed out by Ifeanyi. There is congestion in the chest area because of the waistcoat cut. The hair dye wasn’t properly done. What could have easily been a good old burgundy 3-piece suit went wrong…

Akin Faminu

Ifeanyi’s take: “I love that Akin wanted to try a fresh angle and be daring in a three-piece suit, but the patterns and layers on this piece are almost chaotic!” He goes on to say that any outfit with more than three colour shades starts to look too much, except it’s an obvious “colour blocking scheme.” This look screams effort, as stated by Charles, but again, poorly executed.

Maria Chike

For Maria, it’s not so much a mistake but a lack of elements that would have put this look up there in the tasteful category. As Charles said, “The structure of this dress is captivating and a head turner. However, this outfit deserved a neckpiece of diamonds on one string and a stoned clutch purse.” 


These are the ones that are just unforgivable and inexcusable.

Ifu Enada

I don’t care how much she claims to have spent on this outfit or what her intentions were, but this look is a No. The entire look screams The Walking Dead and Mother Gagoo; if you know, you know. 

Saga Adeolu

Charles had this to say: Whoever saw biker mice from Mars? This look is reminiscent of that. He also looks like he belongs in an okada rider’s association. I can see the rock theme he was trying to pull off, but why is the jacket cut like a suit in front? Why is it too short? Were those buckles necessary? What is that on his face? What are those shoes? There are just too many things wrong with this look. 


The self-acclaimed goddess of fashion, Tiannah, does not disappoint in this look. It’s no surprise that she took what could have easily been a beautiful ball dress and turned it into a look for the “Baphomet Queen.” 

I really should stop here, but I’m adding one more look just so I can say two words.


Immediately, No.

Dear readers, are there any other looks you would like to share your opinions on? Please do so in the comment section. If you also have thoughts on the looks highlighted, kindly share them in the comments as well.

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