From jumping ships – Aristokrats to finally landing on a Spaceship, where he always envisaged himself to be. It is imperative that the self-coveted Afro-fusion artist, Burna Boy is on a voyage across the planets of sounds.

Constantly switching between sounds and causing confusion among music commentators and award organizers, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu dropped an album “OUTSIDE” in the closing days of January, 2018.

On Calm down, Burna Boy brings an Acapella band to start a slow offering which grew into a reggae-low beat. Although, we cannot put together words to decipher the use of drugs to step up his A-game in recording and performance in the social scene.

Keyboards and percussions made Burna Boy to turn it up a notch in Giddem, he introduced himself to the fans as a party head and preaches acceptance in delivering music to any extent. He also downplays his commitment to his craft.

Burna Boy took us to the coast of America where he met a devil in California. He sings to an unknown girl he met in California. The tempting song on high bass and sticks saw him exposing a portion of lust and love in an affair that tears the strength off his shoulder.

Burna Boy arrives at Heaven’s gate with British pop star, Lily Allen in a rather armed situation. Burna Boy dropped his bars on the road rap genre, showing us an evidence of talent. Lily Allen stepped in at bridges to quench his fire at intervals.

Koni baje encompasses all the pieces of a typical Nigerian Afro-beat tune in harmony. He addresses the issue with the taste of fans. He sets his hope prayerfully in building his career to the top.

More Life served as a track that exposed the controversy with Drake. He jumps on a reincarnate version of Get it together by Drake and Black Coffee. Remember, Burna Boy was a major contributor to Drake’s More Life album but was cut off from the work because of unknown reasons.

Burna Boy went Outside his comfort zone and unveils his emotions – lost, darkness and regret. I feel Burna Boy is regretting being left by his friends and the people he grew up. Burna Boy comes out as Damini with nothing to hide from his personality. Burna Boy had to be assisted by one of UK’s top vocalists to bridge his hurt in a continuation of Pree me on the Redemption project. ‘My people plenty for the jungle but dem no know me again for the jungle’, sings Burna Boy soulfully.

Burna Boy returns to his birthplace of Port Harcourt on PH City Vibrations, Burna Boy sings: ‘You know say me I be Port Harcourt boy original and I was born at the teaching hospital the 2nd of July, 1991 and I dey stay not too far from the liberation Stadium.’ He sings his biography on a note that transcends repping his origin. Burna Boy can be heard making references to major landmarks in the garden city – Psychiatry road, Rumuigbo, Rumuomasi, e.t.c.

Rock your body ushered into a party mood beating the upbeat tempo and sees Burna Boy singing between keys in a fun-filled atmosphere. In-between the chorus, trumpet was used to soothe the soaring drums.

Sekkle down is a dancehall tune that featured J.Hus, UK’s artist that saw revelation in the genre last year. Dancehall is a genre which he has a soft spot for; the man does justice on the track in an impressive fashion as he took the chorus to a different level.

Happiness, Anxiety and mixed emotions did not evade Burna Boy on the Streets of Africa as he made a prototype of nursery rhymes in a hardcore style.

He addresses differences in continentalism choosing Africa as his point of concentration. The production adores playful strings, piano and high bass to dispute the topic constructively.

Ye preaches fun and ignoring the bad situation in a positive tune with acquiring the clout in fulfillment. He transcludes lyrics from Fela’s ‘Sorrow, tears and blood’ to tackle some trivial issues.



This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace


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