After following the career of this unique songstar named Ajebutter22 for about five years, it was of utmost importance that I cop the album “What Happens In Lagos.” When I was in the university, I saw him perform live in front of over 5,000 students including myself. Then he was new in the industry and performed “Serenren” and “Omo pastor” at the University of Ilorin’s stadium (main bowl). Omo pastor which featured BOJ of DRB Lasgidi was a jam to reckon with back then. Five years after a brilliant stint in the industry and few singles, the Afro-rap sensation would go on to drop a 14-track LP. Although, three tracks; “Lagos Big Boy”, “Bad Gang” and “Ghana bounce” already served as promotional singles for the album earlier this year, the remaining tracks are good as fresh.

Track 1 – Good Place To Start (featuring Mystro)

It started with a spoken word by a female spoken word performer, immediately followed by Mystro’s smooth vocals. Ajebutter22 rhymed about the struggles and the hustles that come along with staying in Lagos. He also opened up about the challenge that has pierced the rap music scene in Nigeria, “And I’m lucky I’m a rapper, the job market ain’t helping many” but the Yoruba-accent laced rapper still believes Lagos is a good place to start.

Track 2 – 4a.m. (featuring Dremo)

“Lagos too dey hustle, got to wake up early/4a.m. ni moti ji(I’ve woken up)”. Ajebutter22 sang this hook and Dremo followed up on the first verse by rapping about his own experience about arriving late for interviews and photoshoots and the mobbing he faces from fans at the bank. I feel Ajebutter22 shouldn’t have exposed some things. Overall, it sounded like an average rap song.

Track 3 – Dollar Ti Won

Ajebutter22 went on to rant about the current foreign exchange rate circumstance surrounding the dollar. Generally, it surrounds the economic hardship that trailed Nigeria in the Buhari regime. He also went on to talk about brokenness and how his friends expect him to flaunt money.

Track 4 – Rich Friends

Ajebutter22 revealed how his rich friends blow stacks of cash and he doesn’t know their sources of income. They drive Benz and fly oversees for the weekend. He also revealed how he faces temptation and convince him to join their gang of ill-gotten wealth.

Track 5 – Bad Gang (featuring Falz)

The Falz-assisted peer-influnce anthem already has a video. It is just a bonus track. The track exposes all acts that come with youthful exuberance and facts that cannot be pushed aside; drugs, sex, immoral dressing and the advent of having affairs with older men in exchange for money. “all the fine girls have join gang/ and all the good boys have join gang.”

Track 6 – We Are Bad Boys (featuring M.I.)

The track gives the Chocolate City music front man, Jude Abaga (M.I.) to redeem himself after a rough year with trolls and fans on Twitter. Bad boys just describe the life young men and bachelors in Lagos live just to get to the heart of women. “Bad boys, bad boys, we are bad boys in Lagos. Why should I invest in farmland when I can rent house on the island”. Ajebutter22 says repeatedly on the hook.

Track 7 – Wayward

“Dis girls are wayward, just because I’m famous. They say buta entertain us because that’s what happens in Lagos.” The same issue occurring when they see guys like himself popping and all they want to do is to be girls that hang around celebrities whenever they get the chance. The tone Ajebutter22 used in delivering here shows he faces this every time and he is wary of it.

Track 8 – Yoruba Boys Trilogy (featuring Odunsi)

Yoruba demons are put in question here. Yoruba boys have this charm that is capable of sweeping every woman off her feet without stress. Ajebutter22 says Yoruba boys always lie. He revealed almost everything on the production with the upbeat tempo. “They don’t wanna let me in because I do damage. Calling me a fuckboy when I do damage.” Odunsi brought the unique flavor he has had all year on the track.

Track 9 – Anything for the boys (featuring Odunsi)

It seems Odunsi and Ajebutter22 formed a bromance sequel to this album. Anything for the boys is a track that encompasses the slang; “anything for the boys?” that comes with the fame and riches. The people down the food chain keep asking him for their share of the proceeds including the women.

Track 10 – Lifestyle (featuring Maleek Berry)

Ajebutter22 raps about how women want the high and frivolous lifestyle especially when they have a rich guy who is able to give them that. Maleek Berry’s vocals went flying on every key, giving us every reason to love him the more. “OH nana oh nana, she is in love with the lifestyle”. He sings the chorus.

Track 11 – Happy Ending

He raps about the life he would want for the special person he wants in his life. He explains the delay he is going through in choosing a life partner. He also sheds light on the desperation of an unknown lady who is in hurry to commit to a life partner, always cutting off every other man that comes in to her life. The slow and light drum on a keyboard production is the right platform for him to voice his feelings.

Track 12 – Lagos Big Boy

Lagos big boy revolves around the life a Lagos big boy a lives. He doesn’t have to show himself; everything is set in tune to his class. “I enter club with kaftan, my slippers Givenchy because I’m a big boy, a Lagos big boy”.

Track 13 – Biggie Man

Biggie man brings out another dimension to the album. He stands between being a successful man and a hardworking man. He rebukes those trying to call him but all doesn’t go well with him. He also talks about pretence and battling mild depression when challenges are thrown at him.

Track 14 – Ghana Bounce

I guess this track is just in appreciation to the voluptuous Ghanaian women. Ghana bounce has this unique production that had Ajebutter22 fantasizing and breaking down an unknown lady’s behind. He just wants the hurdies to Ghana bounce.He is also ready to spend the money to have a feel of it.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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