As if living in a world where you constantly have to pay for ignorance isn’t bad enough, the human subconscious has continued to limit the capabilities of man through feelings of self-doubt and inadequacies. But by adopting a learning approach to life, you’ll come to terms that no one was born an expert and that even if you are starting a new business or making a career switch, you’ll not be afraid to make mistakes or fail because the earth is a place of learning. 

So as the sound of ‘you can’t do this’ echoes through your ears, scream back, ‘not yet!’ and get back to work because at times, our inner critic is just pointing out that we’re inadequately skilled. Yet, that doesn’t mean we should remain inadequate. To a more realistic scenario; at every point I wanted to do something new, my inner critic told me I couldn’t but I went on to shut it up by skilling up. And it’s why I learnt basic programming (to become a blogger), learnt graphic design (to manage social media accounts) and the same reason I improved my writing skills to become a freelance writer. What I’m trying to say in essence is that at times your self-doubt emanates out of feelings of inadequacy which you can solve by skilling up. 

Do you want to be good at public speaking? Join a Toastmasters’ club. Do you want to be a programmer? Watch YouTube videos, practice, and sign-up for online classes to improve. It’s also important that you defragment your goals and take it on a phase by phase basis. Don’t go on purchasing expensive cinematography gadgets just because you want to become a cinematographer. Start little by learning how to shoot well with a simple camera and work your way up. And just in case your goal is to become a bestselling author, start gradually by writing short stories and you’ll surely get there. You should also start that freelance gig on the side before you quit your job.

So, you tried public speaking. How was your first experience? Did your voice go high pitch, were you speaking too fast, or worse was your speech riddled with awkward pauses? Yes, right? You’ll always feel this way whenever you take on a new challenge because your brain pushes the panic button whenever it senses that you’re in uncharted waters. But with dedication and continuous practice, you’ll get better at it.

 So what if you fail and your mind tells you “I told you so!”. Endeavour to have some self-compassion on yourself. Like Thomas Edison said, ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’  Just imagine if he stopped trying. But because he didn’t, his name lives on forever. So be like the little child taking his or her first steps, knowing he or she might fall but yet still carries on. Eventually, you’ll walk, and guess what?! You’ll run!

This article was written by Temitayo Bamgbose; connect with him on instagram here

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