I had just boarded a bus from Ojuelegba to Aguda when a young man approached the bus. One could see that the young man was almost in tears as he narrated to us the reason why he bore the load of a thousand years on his face.

Apparently, his child, a boy of about seven was hospitalized at a public hospital and needed about ten thousand Naira for a drug. He begged and begged, brandished the doctor’s prescription in our face, while insisting that nothing was too small. All passengers looked in his direction and then, just as easily, looked away. It seemed to them that this was one of the many lazy men thronging the streets looking for the slightest excuse to beg.

As the bus moved away, and we started our journey, I could not help but notice the many people on the street who paraded one form of disability or the other. So many people, all doing the same thing, begging for alms.

To many, especially those who live in Lagos state, the scenario I have just described is not new and we face it on a daily basis. There are a lot of people who need one sort of help or the other and it is not just about the beggars, it is about everybody in the country. The recession has badly eaten deep into the pockets of so many, little wonder, at least 1 in 3 people seems to be investing in MMM now.

But then, I do not intend to discuss the recession or begging, rather, I want to talk about our unwillingness to help one another. Agreed, nobody has enough, but nothing is ever too small to help a fellow man with. I know of people who need just a hundred thousand Naira that would help offset the next school bills, hospital bills, family needs etc. But there is nobody to give it to them. There are people around us who haven’t had anything to eat today, people who need help with their businesses, but we would as well fold our arms and pretend that we do not see all these things forgetting that even the bible emphasizes giving, and also forgetting that one day, we may be in their shoes.

Why do we store up these riches and resources that we have when we very well know that we wouldn’t be taking it with us when we die? If we would be sincere to ourselves, we each know that one family that is starving, that one friend that is jobless, that one friend that needs financial aid for his business, that family friend in the hospital. But we choose not to help for reasons best known to us.

The economy is in bad shape at the moment, but nothing is ever too small and at times, something as little as sharing your meal with someone can make their day. So what are you doing?

Let us help one another through these trying times, help the orphanages, give the beggars on your street, and help that family friend. Help people and trust me, God would not forget you. Remember, it could have been you born into that family, you in that accident, you in that hospital bed, but you are not because of his grace.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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