You see it everyday you visit a website. It’s everywhere. You often wonder what exactly does this thing mean?

Everyone who surfs websites and blogs are known to always see this pop notification bellowing from the bottom: “By clicking ‘Accept all cookies”, you agree to the storing of…”

Most don’t bother to read to the end before clicking the begging button “Accept”. You don’t know what it means and of course it’s harmless so you cede to the website’s demands and click “Accept”. You then proceed to read the content on the website. 

What exactly are cookies?

Cookies aren’t website foods, in the sense of the snack “cookies”. Cookies are little files that websites store on your browsing device. Websites store these cookies on your device to enable you have a more personalized web experience on the website you’re visiting.

For instance, you’re visiting, you go on to read about Chelsea, Tuchel, Manchester United and also click on some Barcelona-Haaland gist before exiting the website, the platform stores data about your recent session and uploads the information to your browsing device. These small bytes of information are what we call cookies. 

Why Should I Accept Cookies?

Cookies help blogs and websites deliver a great user experience. So when you visit Goal again, there’s a unique ID already apportioned to you retrieved from the information (cookies) stored on your web browser as a result of your last visit. The website recognizes you’ve been there before and this also means they can serve up related content similar to ones you’ve visited before. This wouldn’t have been possible if you had rejected “cookies”.

Another usefulness of “accepting cookies” is they save you sometimes. You log onto a platform where you have to input your username and password but then you’ve forgotten. But somehow, your Chrome browser remembers you by automatically filling in the details. Hey, wouldn’t have been possible if not for those cookies.

Without cookies, you’d have to login again and this presents an unpleasant user experience.

What Happens If I Don’t Accept Cookies?

Some platforms don’t allow you to surf their websites if you don’t accept their cookie request. It is because some websites simply or may not work without cookies.

However, there are many websites that still allow you to access the majority of their sites without accepting cookies.

Thus, if you don’t accept cookies you might not get or experience the more relevant content. That’s why it is worth it if you accept them unless you are fearful about your privacy concerns particularly.

This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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