Denola Grey is known to be one of the most fashionable men in Nigeria and Africa. His sense of style transcends just putting together matching clothes; he has an eye for colours, patterns, shapes, and trends. His looks are elegant, sophisticated, and always with a touch of pizzaz. He is also a fashion consultant. His company, “Denola Grey Consulting,” offers men’s fashion and lifestyle consulting and concierge services. When it comes to styling, Denola Grey never misses. He’s recently been enjoying the fashion scene in London, attending fashion events by Burberry, British Vogue, Feng Chen Wang, and others. We’ve loved every picture and styling video he’s posted while in London, and it inspired us to put together a workweek of stylish outfits inspired by him.


No one looks forward to Mondays because Mondays are a reminder that you have to wait five more days for another weekend and also because Mondays are known for stiff black suits, boring meetings, and long hours. How do you get a Monday to be a little bit exciting? Give your black suits a rest and start the week by infusing some colour. Start with a striking colour while keeping the rest of the outfit a little more subtle. Just like this pairing, the pinstripe suit is in navy blue, but the tie and pocket square are orange, while the shirt is in a brighter shade of blue. 


Tuesday is a Monday that has had its anxiety pills and is a little more relaxed. So we can turn up the colours while still keeping it classy. Wearing a coloured two-piece suit with a coloured shirt will have you looking and feeling vibrant all day.


Hump day is here! Wednesday is the day that reminds us that we’re getting closer to the weekend we’ve been looking forward to, and we celebrate by going in with a more relaxed look. A suit and sneakers combination is always a sexy look on a man, and it’s perfect for a Wednesday. Leave your ties at home; it’s time to give your neck a break. Let loose a little, will ya?


Thursdays remind me of these lyrics from the song “Running by Ladipoe”;

There’s no time
There’s no energy
I’m just running
Running, running
Sweet white wine
‘Cause there’s no Hennessy
I’m just running
Running on vibes

On Thursdays, most of us have started to get restless, but there are usually a couple of meetings, so we still have to look refined. Even though we’re just running on vibes at this point of the week, we can introduce a touch of allure into our outfit. That’s where shoes come in. They can either be in a brighter colour or a pattern that begs for attention. Whatever pair you choose, let it be something that has you receiving compliments all day to keep those vibes going.


Thank God it’s Friday! It’s the last day of the workweek and we finally get to pop open that Hennessy we’ve been hiding. In this part of the world, there’s nothing more fitting for a Friday than our very own African prints. What’s a Friday without a touch of Ankara? Denola Gery shows us how it is done.

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