Just because I love movies, I’ll give a little breakdown of the most talked-about Nigerian movie series at the moment. You guessed right, it’s “Blood Sisters.”

P.s. there are spoilers!

I loved it personally. Was it how the actors brought life to their characters? Let’s not forget the costumes, I was blown away. Was it the message or messages the movie passed? What exactly did you like about this movie? 

I know many reviews have been done already for this movie by bloggers, content creators and a whole lot. Everyone has said, “speak up against domestic violence.” Others have said, “have a friend like Kemi in your life.” Some others have also said, “have money in this life oh.” 

I want to see the movie from the eyes of two of the characters.

 I’ll start with Uduak Ademola.

Uduak was the mother of Timeyin, Femi and Kola, but this woman disliked her other children and loved only Kola. They did their best to gain her attention and it resulted in tragedy. I paused to think; why did she dislike her other children? I came to realize that it was because she hated their father, her late husband. To her, she made the company what it was and Mr. Ademola got all the credit. That was enough for her to hate the man and hate the children she bore for him. Sometime during her marriage, she had an affair and got pregnant with Kola, the son she loved. Just because he had no consanguinity with her husband, she favored him above the other two.

 She condoned Kola’s terrible character and didn’t even care for her other children. This hatred destroyed her family. This is one of the problems in our society today. She might have done all the work and it hurt that she wasn’t acknowledged, but was that enough to hate her children and even kill her husband in the end when he found out she had had an affair? A stitch in time saves nine. She could have told her husband she wanted some credit or maybe a position in the company and saved her family from this stress.

Let’s look at the movie through the eyes of Kola’s best friend, Akin. Akin could have just let everything slide. He could have allowed the police to handle things. Besides, there was already footage that said Kemi and Sarah had killed Kola, but he searched for answers. He had to find a reason why the girls had killed Kola. I think Akin needs to be commended. Not everyone goes through that risk to figure things out, but he searched for the truth. I think we should learn to search for the truth in our daily lives. Whenever something unusual happens, something we can’t explain, especially when it has to do with the integrity of another, we need to try to find answers.

For those who can still see a movie after spoilers, I’d still recommend this for you.

This article was written bEbubechukwu Olivia Anochili; connect with her on Instagram via here 

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