When Crayon was ushered into the music space on the back of the joint collaboration “All Is In Order”, it presented him as this exciting Gen Z kid. Draped in colorful outfit with an eye patch at the base of his frontal hair, and showing off thrilling dance moves in the feel-good video, the whole world was introduced to Chibueze Charles.

There would be an extensive introduction weeks later. On his debut EP, he would offer varieties of himself. Self assuring on “So Fine”, in his exciting mode on “Unusual” and “Bamiloke”, boastful on “Confidence” and in his emo feels on “Aye O”. The themes sauntered from love to life lessons. All were topics resonant in his bubbling world.

However with his new EP, Twelve A.M, Crayon shows he’s no longer a kid. There are more experiences. There are more lessons he’s proffering. There are things he wants to clear off his mind.

The opener, “In Sync” has him back on his emotional pedestal. Floating over this mellow, eerie synth-scented beat, Crayon is repeatedly questioning his girl. Yet, he’s going over diverse feelings in his headspace ranging from romance to the good times they’ve had. This concept is novel, Crayon is crooning. Crayon is sonorous and smoothly singing. At the end, the vocals from Ayra Starr provides the answer to this repeated question from Crayon.

The slow tempo assumes a frenetic one on “Too Correct”. It’s Crayon’s most loved sonic field. One he overused last year for tracks like Kpano, Shima and Sometime. This time, there’s a guest who leads the way. Rema lights up the track with his expressive lyrics. He doesn’t stutter but freely glides through the track making it sound like a one take song. He later confirmed it was one take but it’s the way he weaves in different ideas around this one topic of “A perfect girl”. The momentum is sustained by Crayon who drops catchy, rhythmic lyrics following the sonic idea established earlier on. For me, it’s the melodious hums and croons by the two artists. “You dey shock me, shock me elect elect o”

The next two tracks finds Crayon being expressive and descriptive. The theme in “Man Dem” sees a resemblance in “Confidence” on his debut EP. Together with grime MC, One Acen, they are boastful, revelling in their strength on their romantic turf. “Jackpot” with Bella Shmurda, the EP’s closing track is all vibes. On the bubbling uptempo tune, lyrics are built around the features of their love interest.

Overall, Twelve A.M EP is yet another opportunity for Crayon in appealing to people to revel in the exciting feels of his sound. While his debut EP managed to craft this sketchy idea about him, linking with collaborators this time enhances the quality of those tracks rather than presenting this one-way sound idea of his.

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