From the most carefully touched artful faces ever seen on Instagram, Enngee Artistry’s page spawns a thousand imitations to those unblemished and feathery brows in which the makeup artist’s brand has perfected a sophisticated approach to beauty. 

That is to say, Ngozi Okonye fizzles the least required to achieve maximum results. It’s a fact that explains why the Nigerian makeup artist has taken a career in the beauty scene. As the lead beautician for Enngee Artistry, Ngozi heads a make-up brand that enforces effortless, uncomplicated make-up, multi-purpose beauty services, makeup training and products that appeal to the busiest of women and even the masculine genre in the field of art! After all, everyone wants an occasional beautiful look that can be perfected in a flash. 

To celebrate a Nigerian youth excelling in the beauty industry, we had a phone conversation with Ngozi to discuss all things beauty and makeup – from her brand Enngee Artistry to her go-to products she swears by.

Can we meet you? 

My name is Ngozi Okonye and I like being called Enngee, which is really just short for Ngozi (NG). I am the founder of Enngee Artistry, a beauty and cosmetology Company located in Lagos, Nigeria. I have a B.Sc and an M.Sc in Economics, I have worked as an Accountant, a Human Resources officer, a social media manager, content creator and strategist. Very extreme ends I know (as she laughs). 

What inspired the brand Enngee Artistry?

I am a big fan of all forms of creative arts; I love colors and I like to express my creativity through makeup. That expression is what you now see as my business, Enngee Artistry. So, it was first a hobby till I realized I could do something with it and it has blossomed into the brand. 

The beauty industry keeps reorienting its products in the most diverse forms. Lately, we have been seeing companies launch new products. How have you been able to stay abreast of the trends?

Staying abreast of trends has been a conscious effort of constantly learning to improve my makeup skill, and also stay enlightened on the business perspective of it. I research and keep up with industry leaders, as well as take makeup and beauty courses to stay updated and learn new skills. 

The business, just like any other industry requires that you keep up with trends, demands and evolution. Staying informed also helps me to continually give my clients reassurance in my knowledge and the ability to carry out my job. This is very key in building and keeping trust. 

The makeup and beauty business is flooded and we see that your brand showcases almost all the niches. What factors do you consider when working with clients in different industries?

I believe makeup is a very expressive form of art and that is what it is there for. It can influence any culture or industry no matter how diverse it may be. So, understanding the uniqueness of my client and the industries he/she work in is a priority which helps me convey the message in their personalities through the looks I create for them. 

What differentiates you from other makeup artists?

Honestly, I think every individual has skills, qualities and traits that are common to them which also extends to their businesses. The makeup industry, as we know, is saturated with a lot of talented artists who even do what I do, but that is about it; our personalities, skills and business structures are what differentiate us in the marketplace.

I put my heart into the love for my craft and  my brand because I genuinely enjoy it. I could wake up at 2am to simply record a voice note for an idea I probably had in my sleep. That’s how much I love what I do. 

There is a picture on your Instagram page of the makeover you did on a male model. What do you think about masculinity in the beauty industry?

 I think in more recent times, masculinity in the beauty realm has been explored a lot more, but not nearly enough. There is so much that can be done with male models and I cannot wait to fully delve into this. Once again, makeup is an expression of art.

A make-up on a male model done by Enngee Artistry

What is your best makeup product brand and why?

I do not have a favorite makeup brand. And this is because there are a variety of fantastic makeup brands whose products work well for me – from local to international brands. The funny thing is that most brands have specific products that they excel at. So, it is a beautiful taste of mix and match!

How is Enngee Artistry surviving the Global Pandemic?

Like most businesses, I have been very focused on keeping myself and close contacts safe, and as such, I have tried my best to keep human contact to the barest minimum. This was challenging as you can imagine, with respect to what I do, but it was a decision that needed to be made. 

I have kept my focus on creating content online which my audience has been able to relate to and learn from, keeping them engaged and informed about my business and brand. However, slowly and steadily as the lockdown guidelines eases, I intend to get back into accepting clients in a way that’s safe for me and for them as well.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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