Last year, the world of beauty took an interesting turn. Even though the world was and continues to grapple with the realities of COIVD, beauty enthusiasts welcomed colour and focused heavily on skincare, with the slogan being healthy, glowing skin. We embraced Y2K nostalgia in our desire and attempt to return to simpler times (when things were less difficult and the concept of a world plagued by COVID was just a bad dream). Frosted eyeshadow and high-shine lips were popular among makeup artists and lovers. People were also determined to show off the only area of their face that wasn’t covered up, so there was an emphasis on big, geometric eyes.

It’s clear that humanity is determined to emerge from the gloomy shadow of our new reality and move on to brighter days, and I believe this resolution will be stronger and more visible in the realm of beauty this year. So, what does the world of beauty have in store for us this year?

Bold&Neon Makeup

People are expressing themselves in increasingly bold, vibrant, and graphic ways. This will continue. People will use makeup to express themselves more clearly and loudly, combining colours, textures, and shapes. Beauty will be about having fun and expressing oneself without limits. Beauty expert Rebecca Wordingham says, “I think for 2022 we are going to see a lot of the beauty trends we saw on the runway in 2021: lots of neon and pastel-coloured eyeshadows, bold statement eyeliners, and pouty high-gloss lips.”

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The year 2022 will be a year of rosy cheeks! As we manifest the world regaining its colour, we see more colour on our faces. So splash on your blush, because it’s entirely acceptable to go all out this year. The over-blushing trend has been seen a lot on the red carpet, with models wearing bright colours up to their eyelashes and forehead. The average make-up lover, on the other hand, will not have to go that far. For a trendy and romantic effect, blend the blush all the way up to the temples or just above them. The idea is to strike a balance between the area covered and the intensity of the blush. When in doubt, use a light hand and slowly add more.

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Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliners were a big hit last year, and what started as a gen-z thing quickly spread like wildfire throughout the beauty world. This trend was rapidly adopted by makeup artists and makeup lovers alike, and it could be seen on the faces of everyone from celebrities to average makeup enthusiasts. As Mata Mariélle, a beauty expert, notes, “We’ve seen how most coloured liners, especially those with brilliant colours, can really accentuate the eyes. This trend will undoubtedly continue into this year!”

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Bleached Brows

Speaking to Vogue, make-up artist Lynski says, “I reckon we will see bright colours again, and also more people will start experimenting with brows! I am sure that in 2022, people will be ready to bleach their brows because there is nothing to lose at this point with COVID, and people want to break free! Rebel.”

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Y2K Nostalgia

In 2022, inspiration will continue from the early Noughties. Expect Y2K beauty looks everywhere—from baby braids to thin brows, icy eyeshadow and body glitter—amplified by TikTok. Bridget March, HapersBazzer’s Digital Beauty Director, writes, “With the use of joyful embellishments like face gems, body stickers, and temporary tattoos, our faces and bodies will also serve as a canvas for creative and celebratory looks. Meanwhile, our nails will be painted with exotic landscape-style designs (ranging from geode to galactic nail painting), according to Pinterest.”

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Beauty Tech

Since the pandemic, tech progress has been immense, and we’ve begun to see the changes it’s bringing to the world of beauty. Personalization of formulas and services is a big focus here, from AR-assisted ‘custom cosmetechs’ (as coined by Clare Varga, WGSN’s head of beauty; think virtual make-up try-on’s and home devices like YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure, a revolutionary lip colour creator) to the digital dermatology and dentistry boom. In other areas of beauty tech, the relationship between gamers and beauty lovers appears to be on the rise. With gaming being more popular than ever and 46% of enthusiasts being female, it’s no surprise that Givenchy, Gucci Beauty, and Charlotte Tilbury are already in. We will be seeing more beauty brands set up shop in the metaverse. In these game parallel universes, user avatars can try on a multitude of beauty looks, utilizing technology similar to make-up brands’ virtual try-on tools.

Male Grooming

Male-marketed beauty and grooming is on the rise, with global sales anticipated to reach $81.2 billion by 2024. This is partly due to the lockdown, which allowed men to experiment with products in the comfort of their own homes. But it’s also due to a more gradual evolution of norms around how masculinity is defined, as well as our collective interest in self-care and the recent beauty brand boom, which has given men more product options. This year, we should expect new male-targeted cosmetics brands to emerge.

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Perfume Renaissance

This year’s goal is to have people stop you and ask what perfume you’re wearing. Last year, there was a lot of talk on social media about people paying greater attention to their personal hygiene, particularly with regard to body odour. In 2022, more and more people will want to personalize their scent by seeking out lesser-known brands that produce memorable and exciting notes that will turn heads. More expensive perfume companies may also experience an increase in sales as individuals become more daring and YOLO in their choices.

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Hair Care

People have been enjoying taking care of their hair as part of the gospel of self-care that has been preached since the pandemic began, and 2022 will see the trend explode. Unique hair care brands (possibly even sustainable ones) will be in demand, and people will also seek out more natural options in their shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. Skincare companies are also likely to produce treatments aimed specifically at hair and scalp concerns.

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