As much as we like crossing off epic hikes in faraway lands, we need to acknowledge that there is plenty to discover in our own backyard. Interestingly, hiking is becoming more sought-after in Nigeria and there are so many beautiful landscapes to be explored.

Several trails have been discovered which are perfect for hiking for every skill level from the moderately easy, to the steepest. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive but I hope to give you a great taste of what is out there.

  • Olumo Rock

Olumo rock themercywilliams


Located in the city under the rocks is the famous Olumo rock. This hike may have your blood pumping in fear but you’d be amazed by the view from the top. Be sure to stop & explore the Art Gallery in the complex.

Location: Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Elevation: 449ft.

  • Olumirin Waterfall
                                                          Photo Courtesy: Nairaland

Explore the 7 levels of the beautiful waterfall through the steep mountain with your proper climbing gears and be ready to get wet. Don’t expect this one to be easy.

Location: Erin Ijesha, Osun State.

Elevation: 7 Cascades.

  • Shere Hills
Shere Hills themercywilliams
                                                    Photo Courtesy: Ansi Niyang

With one of the highest peaks in Plateau, this adventurous hike will reward you with a stunning view. Discover the mountain school & Liberty Dam if you’re all out for that.

Location: Plateau, Jos.

Elevation: 1,006ft.

  • Arinta Waterfall
arinta-waterfall-ekiti themercywilliams
                                                         Photo Courtesy: tripadvisor

Follow the trail to the waterfall and challenge yourself to climb up all 7 levels, if you get past the 4th level, you’re a genius. Good thing there’s a lot of water to cool off as you climb.

Location: Ekiti State.

Elevation: 7 Cascades.

  •    Idanre Hills
Idanre_Hills themercywilliams
                                                      Photo Courtesy: Daily Times

This trail is not for the faint hearted, but the view after climbing the 660 steps to the top is worth the pain. There are numerous side attractions as it is located within a resort.

Location: Idanre Town, Ondo State.

Elevation: 3,000ft.

  •    Mount Patti.
Mount Patti themercywilliams
                                                  Photo Courtesy: Daily Trust

Nestled in the city of Lokoja is this hike which takes you to a summit with an incredible view of the city and the Rivers Naija & Benue. The hike is a wonderful experience as you get to see Lord Lugard’s rest house on your way to the top.

Location: Lokoja, Kogi.

Elevation: 1,500ft.

  • Oke-Ado Mountain.
                                                         Photo Courtesy: Naijatreks

With so much historical attractions, this tough hike allows you to get a glimpse into the past as you climb. The mountain houses the famous Iyake Lake, which is one of the two suspended lakes in the world.

Location: Ado Awaye, Oyo State.

  • Canopy walk, Lekki Conservation Center.
LCC themercywilliams
                                                        Photo Courtesy: Findingae

The longest canopy walk in Africa is a moderately easy hike & is family friendly. Don’t forget to make friends with the monkeys and look out for other wildlife while in the premises.

Location: Lekki, Lagos.

Elevation: 22.5ft.



This article was written by Mercy Imiegha

Culled from Issue 17

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