Mother’s Day is March 27th. Mothers are so precious; they are the bedrock of our families. All year long, mothers give and give so much of themselves. They never put themselves first and are quick to drop everything at a moment’s notice just to be there for their loved ones. They say a mother’s love knows no bounds, and this is true. Mothers will go to any length to put smiles on the faces of their loved ones. They are our constant support system.

Mothers are amazing people, and a day set aside in their honour should not be treated the same as any other. Mothers deserve much more than we could ever give. If only we could offer them the moon and stars, but since that is impossible, we should make them feel extra special on the day set aside to celebrate them. Our show of appreciation should complement the size of their love for us.

Here are seven gift ideas for your mum on Mother’s Day:

1) A day at the spa: Our mothers work so hard for us that they rarely take time to pamper themselves. Thankfully Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, making it the perfect time to take her to the spa for a truly relaxing day. A mother-daughter or son-spa day is also a way to bond with your mother. You can catch up on what’s going on with each other and have a laugh while sipping on mimosas.

2) Customized Gift box: You can contact a gift box vendor to customize a box filled with things your mum likes. You can fill it up with things like healthy snacks, wine, scented candles, tea packs, etc. Your mum will appreciate getting things she loves, and it shows how much you know your mum.


3) Personalized Items: Putting your mother’s face on a mug, throw pillow, mini hand fan, custom drawing, mothers’ day card, etc. will surely light up her day. It’s always nice to have a gift that screams “I love you, Mom” as a keepsake to constantly remind her of your love and appreciation for her. A picture frame with her picture, or a picture of both of you, or that of the whole family, is also a great idea.


4) A bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note: The giving and receiving of flowers is not something we’re accustomed to in this part of the world. However, a gift of flowers has a way of making the recipient feel very special. The only time I ever received flowers, made me feel important. Giving your mum a hundred roses, accompanied by a handwritten note detailing your love for her, will surely put a huge smile on her face, and it will be a memory she will cherish for a long time.

5) A Beauty Gift Set: We all want our mothers to look young and radiant, so a set of skincare products that contain ingredients for youthful skin will be a win. This is another way to help her pamper herself. It encourages her to take time for self-care.

6) Moneybox or bouquet: You can never go wrong with money, lol. A money arrangement in the words “I love you” will be a gift your mum brags about for a long time. 


7) A Staycation: Take your mother away for a relaxing weekend. There is no reason why the Mother’s Day celebration cannot start a day earlier. Surprise your mum with a weekend getaway at a hotel, complete with room service. Time away from home and all the responsibilities will surely do a world of good. You can cap it off by taking her out for dinner on Mother’s Day. 

Whatever option you choose, make sure it’s memorable for your mum, because at the end of the day, all we’re left with are the memories we’ve made. 

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