Guys always seem ready to approach girls even when they don’t appear the least bit interested. There are so many signs and behaviors that for guys aren’t obvious concerning female interest in them. So I’m going to shed some light. Here are a few hints to let you know she’s approachable.

  • Lingering Stares.

Eye contact is a very intimate thing. Girls typically only stare at guys when they’re interested. If she locks your gaze a few times them you’re in the clear. She’s definitely waiting for you to approach.

  • When she’s having a good time.

When a girl is noticeably having a good time with her friends and laughing genuinely, that’s a good sign she’s approachable. She’ll be in a good mood so she’ll definitely be more receptive towards you.

  • Groups of three are best approachable.

Most people think that when a girl is alone then that’s an invitation to talk to her. This perception is totally wrong because girls rarely go out on their own so if she’s alone, chances are she’s waiting to meet up with someone. Groups of two are also not advisable to approach as one girl won’t leave her friend hanging to talk to you. It’s best to approach a group of three so that way if you engage in a conversation with one girl, the other two still have each other.

  • Spot the third wheel.

A third wheel is basically any group of two girls and one guy where the guy is flirting or paying more attention to one girl than the other. No girl wants to feel like the third wheel. Even if she isn’t single at that particular time, she’ll definitely be more receptive to your advances.

  • Notice what she’s wearing.

The way a girl is dressed says a lot about the kind of guy she is interested in, if she’s wearing a dress with a pair of heels chances are she’s looking for a guy in a suit. But if she’s dressed all casual and you are too, then your chances are automatically higher. You can’t really wear shorts and a polo shirt and approach a girl in a tight red dress and 6 inches heels.

  • When she’s playing with her hair.

Girls often play or just generally touch their hair.It’s something we do automatically and it’s a biological function to attract others.

  • Physical contact.

If a girl touches your arm, cloth or rests her arm on you, that’s definitely a sign that she’s interested. Most times girls aren’t comfortable with physical proximity so when they are, it shows openness and it’s a sign that they are approachable.


This article was written by Faith Onaji

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