As electon season looms in, it’s our duty to ensure Nigeria gets out of this deteriorating socio-economic and political ruins it has found itself in. Nigerians all over are psyched to be involved in the upcoming elections because as they say ‘once bitten twice shy’, we’ve suffered enough. While Nigerians 18 and above queue in the thousands statewide to get their PVCs, there are some Nigerian jams that are old enough to also get their PVCs.

If you’re familiar with these jams, as per you remember actively bumping to these when they released, then I hope for your sake you’ve also registered for and collected your PVC.

African queen – 2Face

The ultimate African serenade. Difficult to believe this song is already 18 years old. Anway while you’re romancing your partner with this long, please pause and confirm if they’ve gotten their PVC

Jaga Jaga – Eedris Abdulkareem

A song that has described Nigeria for the last 18 years, shocking ? Not really? When our new president (God willing not Tinubu) comes into office, Nigeria’s story would change Inshallah.

Hard Life by Blackface feat. Alabai 

Hardlife- the life of a common Nigerian. Blackface vocalized the struggles of being a Nigerian and how Nigeria makes you feel after it has Nigeria’d.

Mr Lecturer by Eedris Abdulkareem

Before Kiki Mordi’s award winning Sex for Grades exposé, Eedris gave us this scandalous jam. It’s fortunate (and unfortunate) that ASUU is still on strike, because at least there’s temporary hold on sexual harassment in public university campus. Please get your PVCs so we can ensure sensible laws against sexual harassment are set up.

Right Here – 2Face

For someone who sings a lot of love songs, its surprising that people are surprised he has a lot baby mamas. He’s an oga in serenading. If this is one of the songs your first boyfriend used to capture your mumu button, first off I have you have your PVC, second, I hope you and that partner are still together.

Ehen – Ruggedman feat. Nomoreloss

Ruggedman didn’t mince words in this song as he took shots at some of the biggest rappers of the day. That’s the same way we’re supposed to use our voting rights to take shots at the government, by actually insisting they do the work they’re elected to do.

Danfo Drivers by Mad Melon & Mountain Black 

They walked so Prettyboy D-O could run, we truly appreciate this street banger right here. It’s a lovely reminder that whether you’re a tech bro or a chef or even a danfo driver, you ought to get your PVC before it ends.

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