It’s absolutely amazing how well writers are able to craft characters that are universally disliked. It’s a good tactic either way, the more controversial or unlikable a character is, the more they drive the story. That being said, there’s definitely a limit to how frustrating a charcer can be. Here are 7 Netflix characters that make our blood boil everytime they come on screen.

Zuri – Smart Money Woman

I dont know if it’s her naivety or ignorance that makes this character so annoying, but each time she came up on screen I wanted to throw hands. Her whole whiny, bratty personality was a huge no no. Her being the main character made it more annoying because her character was unavoidable.

Puleng – Blood & Water

Definitely suffering from main character syndrome because Puleng did the most outrageous and blatantly unnecessary things all through this show. Is it by force for Fikile to be her sister? She was so hellbent on solving the mystery she couldn’t see the damage she was causing in everyone else’s life.

Kinsey – Locke & Key

Please what is so interesting about solving mysteries that turns people into total assholes? First Puleng now Kinsey. She started off as an alright character but ever since she took out her fear she turned into the most irritating character on the show.

Emily – Emily in Paris

Another character suffering heavily from main character syndrome. I mean yeah she’s the main character but writers, please can we get more likeable main characters? I don’t believe there’s anyone who watched this show and rooted for Emily.

Sang-woo – Squid Game

Need I say more?

Piper – Orange is the New Black

If there was an award for more aggrevating and provoking character, Piper from OITNB will definitely get it. I think the writers got feedback of audience perception towards Piper because in later seasons it was toned down a bit.

Otunba – Castle & Castle

I guess because he was the villain of the show he was the way he was. Everything about him truly reminded me of how terrible Nigerian politicians are and how terribly misogynistic men could be. Super happy he got what he deserved.

Writing this alone made me go through all sorts of emotions, I definitely need to drink a glass of cold water to cool down. These are the 7 characters on netlfix that were written to frustrate us.

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