In a normal situation, relationships are meant to bring happiness and bliss. In a relationship that does otherwise, one should re-evaluate his/her position.

As much as we’d like to be in a relationship with someone that appreciates us and makes us happy, we often times have to find these special people or wait for them to walk into our lives. Sometimes we find people who we believe are good for us, only to find out something different.

Staying in a relationship for the wrong reason can be disastrous. You are not being fair to yourself if you choose to endure an abusive or unfulfilling relationship on the premise that your friends are dating or because you’re ageing. Asides from the tumultuous and emotionally draining experiences of such relationships, they usually don’t have happy endings.

The fact is, good relationships are the really worthy ones. If you have to wait, please wait. Because even in being single, there is a great deal of benefit. Here are some of the benefits of being single:

More Time For Yourself

Building and maintaining relationships take time. In a case where you’re single, you’d usually have more time for yourself. But this time has to to be used productively for it to be a benefit to you. With a good amount of spare time in you hands, you can engage in new adventures, knowing that it might not have been as easy, if you were in a relationship.

Build A Better You

You’re single, no partner yet. Why not take the time to work on yourself and work on the aspects of your life that needs improvement? Being single comes with its own blessing, you just have to be open to receive it. Take the opportunity to reflect and learn from your past, learn from your past relationship(s); identify your faults, that of your ex, see the part fate played, learn from it and build a better you, who is better positioned to enjoy a good relationship in the future.

Helps you save money

With relationships comes dates, meet-ups, gifts, frequent calls etc. These things cost money. If you’re in a relationship, and you can afford them, you should be happy to spend. But being single helps you save up your money. You even decide to spend the money of yourself.

Freedom To Date

Being single lets you a bit of space to go out on dates freely. Even if you are not looking for something serious, you can chose to grab a drink or have fun hanging out with someone you just met, perhaps at the mall. You don’t have to worry about the restraint that comes with being in a relationship and wanting to hang out with the nice guy/girl you recently met.

Freedom On Social Media

I once saw a lady break up with a guy on Twitter because he liked a post that she was not comfortable with. It took me aback. It happens, some people do not get the kind of freedom that would help them enjoy their time social media because they’re in some kind of relationship. Often times it is  dependent on your type of partner. Being singles gives you the air and freedom to like, post and socialise the way you want.

No More Forced Relationships

The key word here is happiness. People walk into relationship seeking to find happiness, but in the end, not everybody gets to find what they are looking for. Sometimes it’s what they don’t want that they get; violence, cheating, lies. Yet people force themselves to stay, out of fear of loneliness or ‘singleness.’ Being single is better than some of the horrors that people endure in their relationships

Pick Up A New Hobby

There is this urge that comes to you at some points in life, to try a something new, a new habit; perhaps learning to play chess or a musical instrument, but you feel short of time. As a single guy/girl, it is easier to try out some of these things and discover more of yourself as an individual.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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