If you ask me the number one thing I love about living in Lagos, I’ll tell you that it is the fact that no matter what absurd, insane, and mind-boggling things are happening in and outside of Nigeria, there will always be an amazing vibe for you to catch. And when I say vibe, I mean a hangout, a party, or some form of get-together where you can take a load off and have fun!

I’m so sure that there’s somebody somewhere right now in Lagos putting together a hangout for people. Because that’s what Lagosians are known for; Ain’t no party like a Lagos party, right? Banky W said that! But it’s not just Lagosians. Nigerians, we as a people are known for our resilient spirit. No matter what comes our way, we still find a way to get our groove on. There have been viral videos of cars queuing at filling stations in Lagos and the people in the cars, turning the wait time into a party session, so to speak, by using their car horns to; simultaneously create rhythm. 

Someone once said Nigerians are like cockroaches; we are very adaptive people by nature. No matter how bad things get, we find a way to adapt and keep going. It is our strength and our Achilles’ heel. But at the moment, we need that adaptive nature to keep our sanity in check with all the madness happening around us. 

Luckily, we have a long weekend ahead of us to relax and connect with our friends and family. So, if you, like me, need distress or have no location to eat Sallah meat, this lineup of events I have put together will be perfect for you. I didn’t even have to go looking. It seemed like the Instagram algorithm knew what I needed and kept showing me sponsored posts of fun events happening this weekend. It was like the app was saying to me, “just pick one and have fun for heaven’s sake” lol.

Here’s the lineup of fun events happening this ileya weekend:

The Silent Wave is organised by House of Oni in conjunction with Wave Beach. House of Oni organizes Silent Discos and private events in Lagos for mature audiences looking for an escape from the mundane. This event is happening on July 9th. All other information can be found on the flyer or their Instagram page @houseofoni 

Amapiano vs Afrobeats is an event put together by Ministry of Enjoyment. They curate enjoyable experiences, and they also showcase and promote enjoyable experiences put together by others. This July’s edition of the Amapiano Vs. Afrobeats event is happening on the 8th. Find out more details on their Instagram page @enjoy.ng

Moist beach club Presents by Rotimi Otedola & The Afrinero Highlife Band. AFRINERO MUSIC is a fusion of mellifluous African rhythms blended with harmonious jazz melodies. This event happens on Friday 8th July. See more details on @moistbeachoniru on Instagram.

Just Paint n Sip, a paint, sip and karaoke restaurant in Lagos, has organized a general paint party with food, drinks, networking and chills in celebration of ileya. The event takes place on the 10th of July. More information is available on @justpaint_ng on Instagram.

355 restaurant and lounge brings you a fun weekend of mystery and song with two events happening on the 9th and 10th of July. See the flyer and visit @355ng on Instagram for more information.

Made for mixing BYOB is an event organised by Monkey Shoulder Nigeria. It’s happening on the 10th of July, so visit @monkeyshoulderng on Instagram for more details.

PS. Tush magazine is in no way affiliated with any of these events or the organizers. Every event mentioned above is shared for informational purposes only. 

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