Different females of course find different things attractive but there are a few things besides the regulars such as height, lips and muscles that they secretly admire in a man. Some of which guys themselves don’t even think any one pays attention to. These things might seem freaky to some and extremely weird to others but it turns most females on nonetheless.

Veiny Arms

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because veiny forearms represent muscles and hard work. Women subconsciously search for a man who can protect and yes in this day and age where women are becoming more independent, there’s still a part of them that find strong men extremely attractive.

Unkempt Facial hair

The “I’m too tired to care” attitude that the unkempt beard portrays entices so many women. Be it a stubble or a full grown beard. Women find any form of facial hair extremely attractive.

The Happy Trail

This is the trail of hair that starts at just below the navel and goes all the way down…we know where it leads and we’re happy to follow.


Now almost every woman I know finds any type of scar unbelievably arousing. Scars are rugged, masculine, exciting and very hot.


I’m talking about fresh sweat. Straight out of the gym sweat or sweat from doing any form of manual labour. Immediate sweat not the kind that’s been on you for a couple of hours or more. Sweat contains pheromones (scented sex hormones) that attract women and make them want to make you sweat more but for them this time.


Women also love men’s natural scent or any cologne that is particular to their man. That’s why we’re always taking their hoodies and shirts. If a guy goes to visit his girl and after he leaves her sheets smell like him she will literally sit there and smell it for as long as she can. Weird but true.


Everyone knows that guys love checking out women’s butts what people don’t know is that it works both ways. Ladies also love to see how good the pants fit guys. I mean what else are we meant to look at when they walk away?



This article was written by Faith Onaji


  • divine says:

    This is a lovely article, I’m impressed with how the reviewer captured every point, but I don’t quite agree with scars

  • Diana says:

    This is really Weird though. I dont find sweat, butt, or unkept hair attractive. That’s disgusting. This article is quite partial but good credit on pointing out some characters. Kudos!!!!!!

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