Getting a boyfriend in Lagos these days is fast becoming a fulltime job. The trouble one goes through to look for Mr. Right is becoming more and more tedious everyday one might think all the good guys have been captured and kidnapped. This is why when you finally find a potential boo, you need to seal the deal on the first date and close the gate to other aunties that are waiting in line.

This piece isn’t talking about voodoo or juju, but with these 7 simple tips, Mr. Tall, dark, handsome and rich would fall madly in love with you even before the end of your very first date.


The temptation to pepper them and look like a Greek goddess on your first date is very high. Don’t give in to it because that’s the devil talking. On your first date, you want to look pretty and cute as this makes you appear approachable, not intimidating. A simple dress or simple jeans are your best friends. There comes a time to be drop dead gorgeous. The first date isn’t one of those times, save that for your wedding. So keep it simple. Less is more


Beauty with brains is every responsible man’s dream woman. If it’s possible, find out what he does for a living and throw in a few intelligent facts or questions about his job during the conversation. For example, if he works in insurance, ask questions about new insurance policies you stumbled on. If he is an entrepreneur, ask how he made his market research. Speaking intelligently leaves your mark on his mind.


On your first date, always offer to pay for something. If you go on a date to the movies and he pays for the movie tickets, offer to pay for the popcorn and drinks. Most times, he would reject this offer. Nevertheless, the fact that you even offered makes you look really responsible. 


Guess what, guys like compliments too. So subtly flirt with him. Compliment his muscles, tell him he looks nice or that you really like the way he speaks. All these will make him feel good and he’ll start to fall in love with you.


No one likes a sour puss. Be funny at some point in the conversation. Throw in a few sarcastic comments here and there. It not only shows you are funny and not too uptight; it also emphasizes your intelligence. It takes a smart person to truly understand sarcasm.


You can never go wrong with a smile. Your date would be continually reminded that you are having a good time.


Always send an appreciative text when you get home from your date. It’s respectful and decent and would make him keep thinking about you even after you are long gone.

Practice these 7 charms and thank me later and don’t forget to invite me for the wedding someday.

This article was written by Omonigho Okome; connect with her on IG here 


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