I don’t think I can get tired of saying, “it’s party season!” With all of the craziness that came with this year, I’m super excited to be still kicking it in this last month of the year. So, let’s get into the issue at hand; party season is here, and it’s time to party, eat, sleep, and party again; basically, rinse and repeat. And for us ladies, this means our faces won’t be getting a break for a bit as we have to slay, and makeup is the catalyst for that. 

Our faces will be seeing more makeup than usual for most of us, which means that we have to stay on top of our skincare game to prevent breakouts. But sadly, this is not usually the case. Most of the time, rather than amp up our skincare routine, we neglect it altogether because we’re too busy having fun and partying, whereas our skin is getting the short end of the stick. Then, before we know it, the law of wear and tear sets in, and we start having breakouts and skin anomalies. That then takes our skincare goals back because we may have lost all of the progress we have already made this year.

Even in this season, skin health and skin glow should remain a priority because harmattan will soon be on our tails, and we all know how much damage it can do to the skin! So as a good friend, we don’t want you to lose your skincare momentum; here are seven tips for maintaining your glowing skin this season:

  • Always keep your surroundings clean(towels, hair/bonnet, pillowcase/beddings).
  • Don’t skip moisturizers, even if you have oily skin.
  • Always wash your hands before applying skincare products.
  • Always apply sunscreen daily and reapply every two to four hours.
  • Add anti-ageing products to your skincare routine (e.g. Retinol).
  • Choose a chemical exfoliant (AHAs/BHAs) instead of a physical exfoliant (scrubs).
  • Drink lots of water, it’s my sound cliche, but water keeps your body hydrated and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity.

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