Summer is here. With the telltale of noticeable increase in temperature, it is crucial to be mindful of the possible impact the heat can have on one’s health. Your body can be vulnerable to different diseases due to the warm weather such as dehydration, sunburn and heatstroke. 

We are living during difficult times because of the coronavirus pandemic and with the emerging summertime, the risk of encountering these summer health issues is not completely gone. Here are some tips to stay healthy and protected. 

1. Stay hydrated 

It is essential to stay hydrated as the heat in the summer months can leave your body dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water and other liquids is important to ensure there is no loss of water from your body and it prevents exhaustion. 

You must avoid drinking carbonated and intoxicating drinks as well as unfiltered water. Eating fruit with high water content such as watermelon, cucumbers and vegetables can also help with hydration. You can get creative by adding frozen berries or mint into your water. 

2. Healthy and proper dieting

Eating with mindfulness will ensure healthy living in the summertime. You should opt for meals that are small and light. It is important to avoid salty and processed foods including heavy stuff in your meals like fast food and junk. Eating a well-balanced diet is also important to keep the body’s immune system in peak condition.

3. Staying active

The quarantine although hinders frequent social interactions, it creates an avenue to put your exercise plans to the test. Regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. You should try getting some exercise done either in the early morning hours or by going for shorter walk breaks in the evenings when the sun is not as strong. You can as well get yourself involved in home-friendly activities such as gardening and doing yard work. 

4. Appropriate skin care

Taking care of your skin is important in the summer, especially when going for outings. It is important to use sunscreen before leaving home and also cream moisturizer for dry skin so as to avoid sunburns. It is rather advisable to use a medically recommended skincare product by the doctor or any health professional. 

5. Adequate rest

Getting enough sleeping aids healing because our bodies heal and repair while we are sleeping so make sure you’re getting adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep prevents high blood pressure and increased hunger. Hence, make sure to give yourself at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

6. Have fun

Engaging yourself in fun activities like watching movies, venturing into outdoor settings or exploiting and honing your talent can alleviate stress, eliminate boredom and increase productivity.

This article was written by Edegbai John; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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