Loyalty has been misunderstood and it has misled many people and they have entwined it to a subtle noumenon. Right now, we live in a globe where self-centeredness seems to be the norm of the day, and personal benefit is the objective of most bonds and endeavors. One of the most honourable qualities one can build is the ability to be loyal.

Loyalty is the ability to stick with people through their rough times – thick and thin. It also comes with the task of looking out for them despite your own burden. Whether you are contending to be loyal to people/someone who are/is special to you or curious about what exactly it means, read on to find the types of people who show complete loyalty.

FAMILY – Your family is the guide to the way you live your life. Family is the standard of your way of life. Your family will always have your back when you are drowning in deep waters. There are times when you face challenges and the only people you can think of running to first is your family – blood is thicker than water.

SPIRITUAL FOLKS – This is where Religion comes to life. Many times, we have heard about the need for one’s spiritual life to be A-game. Despite the fact that your family will always be there for you, you should also look at the void of the eternal being. Your pastor, imam, Sheikh or Amir will mediate between God and yourself. These people will stay up late at night when the rest of the world is asleep just to intercede to God on your behalf.

FRIENDS – Your friends will always be there for you one way or the other. Although, what they can is limited depending on the resources available. Sometimes, your financial life suffers and you will be in need of ‘small change’ to sort your needs. The only people you can look up to are your “hommies” or “guys”.

PARTNER – Oftentimes, trust is the backbone of every intimacy or relationship. You starting something with that special someone means both are one entity. When things go wrong, atleast you have a shoulder to cry on. Your partner will ride for you in every situation.

EMPLOYEES –  These people ensure you are able afford those flights, expensive rents or mortgages. You go on vacations – Dubai, Paris, Bahamas, the Islands. You lodge in 5-star hotels. It’s their commitment and dedication that your business is soaring high. You should reward them with loyalty to. Not just them alone. It should be double-sided.

HAIRSTYLISTS – This sounds like a joke. We know we like to look good. Don’t go changing the hands that touch your hair. Be loyal to your barbers and those that fix your braids.


– Written by Alex Ndace.

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