Beard gang get in here because this one is for you. Men do not have so many things to take care of with their money, but one thing they are most conscious about is their hair and beards. Did somebody say enjoyment? Yes because ladies tend to do all the work from head to toe, at least that is what we all think until now.

There are certain simple or if you like not so simple steps on how a man should take care of his beards, as well as products to use; all these are in the beard kit. Every man should have a beard kit. Let’s be honest some men have some not so good looking beards with bumps in there and this can be a turn off to anybody especially the opposite sex, because we believe a man should have trimmed, neat and tidy beards and lets add that smells good. This isn’t rocket science but simple things men need to have and follow and it will keep them looking like a classy man. Bear in mind to use products that will suit your skin.

There are 6 simple steps in getting that beard as groomed as beautiful as it should be;


The beard comb is an essential tool in the beard grooming kit and the first stage of the beard grooming process, it involves combing the beard hair in case of any dirt and  to detangle the hair.


The mirror is a very essential tool in the beard box, as you can check yourself out while shaving, or if you are in the shower, you can use the shower mirror.


This is super essential when it comes to beard grooming, it is a machine that has sharp edges used to trim off beard hair to any style of your choice, bear in mind that this can be done with any type of shaving cream that is good for your skin.


The scissors is used to trim excess hair that is left after the beard trimmer has been used. Bear in mind that if at all you would like to make up your own beard kit, make sure you use the appropriate scissors meant for the beards.


This is not so common but it is used by men who want their beard to feel smooth, clean, soft, lustrous, hydrated and moisturized. It is good to wash away dirt and sweat from the beard once in a while.


This is the final stage of the beard grooming process. Some people choose the beard oil or the balm depending on preference. The beard oil is oil used to rub on the beards after the whole process while some might prefer the beard balm as it is a thick cream used to sooth the beard from any irritation. Try this simple step and get that business deal because looking good is good business.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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