If your trade by any chance is connected to the digital world, then the need for you to consistently engage your online audience is a priority. There’s no point having a teeming audience of followers without a plan to constantly keep them engaged.

The most successful online brands have developed a strategic content presence that is a cross between informational and engaging.

Here are a few content ideas that you can tweak to help you curate great content to keep your audience hooked on your platform.

1. Opinion Polls

This is a no brainer actually because people have opinions and are more than eager to share them.

So ask your audience a question and track what kind of answers they give. The question can be based on a variety of things, from queries about your brand to an unrelated but topical issue.

Be sure to give feedback so it comes off as interactive and engaging and don’t forget to keep scores and announce the results, because it helps in heightening the fun.

2. Build a Backstory 

The best way to build a connection with your audience is by honest sharing of the things that inspire your creation; like they say the story behind the glory.

If you are a music artiste, share back stories to your songs: The deeper meaning behind them and why you were inspired to write them. A fashion story is another way to go if you are a fashion designer, and you can even turn it into some sort of series; that way you have a backlog of content ideas you can keep churning out weekly.

3. Make Recommendations

If you have been posting honest down-to-earth content of your daily tasks on your feed, your fans probably know by now that you are not a god.


With that out of the way, they know that you eat, drink, watch movies and listen to music like the other millions of people globally, so they are curious about what your preferences are.

So make recommendations to them from time to time. About an album you really enjoy, a movie you are currently binge-watching, a restaurant or dish you are simply crazy about and a drink that you can’t stop gulping down. Maybe a book too that you are reading.

This does two things. One, it shows that you are human afterall and two, it promotes goodwill to the ‘owners’ of the products you are subtly endorsing.

Don’t forget to tag or mention whoever you ‘endorse’ so it’s clear you referred them. 

4. Inspiration & Causes

To be regarded as an important part of civil society and be seen as a vital voice in today’s world, you are expected one way or the other to have some kind of social course you are passionate about.

Domestic violence, gender equality, women’s rights, police brutality, terrorism, rape; the list is endless.

This is not really an option in today’s advocacy-driven world. You are expected to either believe in something or be inspired by one.

So, expounding the merits of a course you are passionate about to your followers is a great content idea.

You can write about something that inspires you or has really made an impression on you. Pick a cause you believe in and go all out with it; write a post on it, explaining the merits and you will be amazed how much you instantly connect with people who share the same values.

You might even win over a few converts in the process. 

5. Memes & Motivations

You can hardly go wrong with memes, whether taken off the internet or self-created; it generally has the same hilarious effect.  You can use memes to either motivate people or just to make them laugh.

Here’s a tip. Find a trending movie on Netflix or any other streaming app you use and get a screenshot of some theatrical shots; animated facials will do quite well.

Next use a text app and input witty words that describe your day, week or mood.

A before and after screenshot of the lead character, Swanky JKA from the ‘Living in Bondage’ movie can be a funny  explanation of the transition of your week from Moody Monday to Fierce Friday.

Just saying.

6. Hot Topics & Industry Secrets

 Every industry no matter how close mouthed they seem, have secrets.

There’s always something going on in the industry that you as an insider are privy to.

Be open and helpful. Give your two cents on the latest controversial topics. Make sure you are civil and respectful and try not to cross any lines you can’t defend.

Describe something you’ve learned about the industry that your fans might not know and can be helpful to their advancement. 

If your followers know that you give them deep and honest assessments that they don’t get elsewhere, they will naturally flock around you just to get that value.

That’s it.

The above list, if used creatively, should be enough to keep your fans engaged for a while. You can even tweak them around from time to time to keep them fresh.

You’re welcome.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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