This is a dream come true for some women, when they have to walk down the aisle with their lover.  They are usually happy, joyful and gorgeous. This has to be done in style. It is an unforgettable and special day when brides want to show their man and classy clothes to everyone. Bear in mind that these things have to be properly planned out, of course with the intervention of a professional stylist. With that being said here are 6 classy fashion accessories that brides use most of the time or you can check for more fashion tips and ideas


This has been a staple piece over the years, although used by few brides now, but has a way of standing out and making the bride feel like a queen that she is. A tiara is a crown, it is normally silver in colour and just looks beautiful when worn.


Most brides do not wear necklaces, they like their wedding gown to be accessorised so that they do not have to worry about that again. They want to look simple yet glamorous.


This is a trend that has been and is here to stay. It seems the most appropriate nails for a wedding and always comes out stunning when done. What other way to flaunt the wedding finger, other than with beautiful Manicured nails with French tips on them.


Some brides like to go natural on their wedding. Nude makeup shows how original and naturally beautiful the bride is. Still looking breathtaking without too much stress.


This is a go to hair any day anytime for the perfect bride. Hair is being pulled back in a bun. It shows her full face and if she is wearing a tiara it sits perfectly on the hair. This hairdo makes the bride beautiful and shows the makeup perfectly.


Most bride opt for heels and it is mostly silver. This is a trend that has been and will still stick around. Except for those that want to be unique and stand out with snickers and other shoe colours.


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