It’s quite exciting to discover that a number of Coffee Shops have been developed in Lagos over the past few years. Not only because of the Coffee or Pastries they have to offer, but because coffee shops, as well as cafes around the world, are also popular for having workspace corner and free WiFi, encouraging people to not only eat in but also work from within.

This is very important in Lagos, as there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who may not be ready to pay for office spaces but need spaces like this for collaborative work and meetings.

Here’s a list of a few of the best coffee shops in Lagos, describing the ambiance of the space and the food. This list is not all inclusive, as there are others that I have not gotten a chance to visit.


  1. Coffee Plus







Address: Bijoux Mall, 12 Anifowoshe Street, VI.

Ambiance: This Coffee shop is located in a calm environment, great interior design, quiet with relaxing music.

Workspace: They have a proper workspace corner but WiFi wasn’t available the day I visited, they claim it had just expired though.

Food& Drink: I ordered a Turkey Cheese Sandwich and Iced Coffee Chocolate.

The Sandwich’s portion was generous, I couldn’t even eat all of it, it tasted great, but maybe next time I would ask for it to be spicier.

The Iced Coffee Chocolate wasn’t bad either.

Damage: Turkey Cheese Sandwich – 2,500 NGN

Iced Coffee Chocolate – 1,200 NGN




  1. My Coffee







Address: 40B Adetokunbo Ademola Street, VI.

Ambiance: This cute space has really creative interior design with relaxing music, but I think it’s a little too small, you probably don’t want to go there with a crowd.

Workspace: they have working WiFi for free and there was a lot of people working from the nice workspace corner, so I guess they encourage people to come in and work from the space.

Food & Drink: After minutes of rummaging through their very lengthy menu, I ordered a Panini Roast Beef and Iced Caramel Frappuccino with Whipped Cream.

The Panini Roast Beef was so visually appealing, I started eating before I remembered to take a picture and the taste did not disappoint.

The Iced Caramel Frappuccino has to be the best I’ve had in Lagos (please prove me wrong). I wanted to marry it and take it home.

Damage: Panini Roast Beef – 2970 NGN

Iced Caramel Frappuccino – 1,400 NGN

+ Vat and Ct, total – 4,807 NGN



  1. Vestar coffee







Address: 26, Oju Olobun Close, VI.

Ambiance: I really loved this space. You can tell that the interior design and decor was carefully sourced, the lighting is great and just puts you in a good mood. You would actually want to go on a date here because of the aesthetic appeal.

Workspace: They have a workspace corner set up and working WiFi, they also have a cute little outdoor lounge that would be great for evening meetings.

Food & Drink: I took a friend with me for this one. We realized they had limited food on their menu, so we got what they had anyways. I ordered their Tuna Sandwich and Iced Caramel Macchiato and my friend ordered a Bagel with Cream Cheese and Hot Caramel Macchiato.

The Sandwich was so sinfully good, I regretted not getting two. The Iced Caramel Macchiato was yummy as well, even though they got my name wrong. I’m beginning to think these coffee shops put out the wrong name intentionally, otherwise why do they bother?

My friend’s bagel was a little too dry and the cheese didn’t help. The hot caramel Macchiato was great anyways.

Damage: Tuna Sandwich – 1,000 NGN

Iced Caramel Macchiato- 1,200 NGN

Bagel with Cream Cheese – 1,000 NGN

Hot Caramel Macchiato – 1,000 NGN



  1. La Pointe Cafe







Address: 4A Akin Olugbade Street, VI

Ambiance: the space is cozy yet cheerful. It’s set up to look more like a restaurant than a regular coffee shop.

Workspace: they have free WiFi on request and working from the space is encouraged as well. I would suggest it as a really nice spot for private business meetings.

Food & Drink: I ordered a Tuna Sandwich and a cup of tea. PS: everything in their menu is quite pricey, you have to be ready to spend more than what you would spend in an average coffee shop.

The Sandwich’s portion was pleasantly large and came with a salad side. I guess I can say I got a worth for the money spent. The hot tea was a great relief from the very cozy space.

Damage: Tuna Sandwich – 4,000 NGN

Tea – 800 NGN


  1. Lumena Café







Address: 28, Ahmadu Bello way, Victoria Island.

Ambiance: This Coffee Shop has a properly designed space, with great aesthetics. You would typically want to spend a long time here.

Workspace: they have a workspace and encourage people to work and have meetings from there. You can also get free WiFi on request.

Food and Drink: I ordered a Tuna Mayo sandwich and Hot Chocolate with whipped cream. I was starving and couldn’t wait for the sandwich to be ready, so I got a chocolate muffin. They have a limited menu here too, I would suggest that they extend their menu with maybe more sandwich options.

The muffin was super yummy! If it wasn’t the last one available, I would have gotten more to take home with me.

As little and unappealing as the sandwich looks, it was supper delicious I had to order another one. They were very generous with their serving for the hot chocolate and it was great as well. They were also kind enough to give me a free bag of nuts when I was leaving.

Damage: Chocolate Muffin – 500 NGN

Tuna Mayo sandwich – 600 NGN

Hot Chocolate – 800 NGN



  1. Cafe Neo







Address: fourteen36 mall, 1436 Sanusi Fafunwa St, VI. (Other outlets available)

Ambiance: I personally found the space to be a little too drab. It could be better, they should maybe add more lighting to improve the ambiance of the space, and otherwise, it’s a beautiful space.

Workspace: there was a couple of people working from the shop the day I visited, and there was free WiFi as well. If you’re not like me, and don’t care about the lighting in a workspace, then you would enjoy working from this shop.

Food and Drink: Cafe Neo clearly did not make anything fresh in the store. They had the food pre made and what they do is, they heat it up for you on order. That part did not appeal to me, I ordered their Chicken Wrap anyways, because the sales person recommended it. I also ordered the iced mocha.

The chicken wrap was really great, considering that it was pre made, I would probably have it again if I ever revisit the shop. The Iced coffee was refreshing as well.

Damage: Chicken Wrap – 1,200 NGN

Iced Mocha – 1,400 NGN


This article was written by Mercy Imiegha

Culled from Issue 19

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