There’s been a lot of banter on social media, especially on Twitter, about how restaurants in Lagos are getting ridiculously expensive. So many restaurants have been called out for their exorbitantly high prices. Some places now charge VAT at as high as 17%. There are viral videos online that have people asking their waiter “Who ordered Vat?” It almost seems like dining out is no longer pocket-friendly but a luxury.

The cost of living in Nigeria has gone up, and everyone can feel it in their wallets. Even pure water is now 20 naira, so this is not a drill. However, we can’t let the current situation in the country stop us from eating out and exploring once in a while. Let me say this in pidgin… las las we’ll sing, “If I broke na my business.” Lol. 

But thankfully, there are still a couple of affordable restaurants here in Lagos with really good food (and won’t cause you to go broke) that we’re about to put you onto. This is courtesy of Lagos’ chief enjoyment officer, “Bella Explores,” who recently posted affordable restaurants in Lagos where you can go with a budget of 10,000 Naira. This is as long as you eat for one because some people eat for two or even three. 

This is why they say “follow who know road,” so they can show you the way, as we are doing for you, dearest readers. As I always say, in no particular order, these are 6 affordable restaurants to dine in Lagos with 10k.

Perries Cafe

This cafe, located at Scoulch mall in Lekki phase 1, is great for group hangouts as they have games you can play while dining.

La Chaumiere

Don’t let the fancy name scare you, located at 1384 Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island, Lagos, this restaurant is perfect for brunch, the food is good and the service is great too!

Indigo Lagos

If you are not into experimenting with food and love playing it safe with Nigerian dishes then try this spot! They also serve, Indian Chinese and Continental dishes and they come highly recommended by Bella explores.

Tilapia and Tinz

If you live on the mainland and crave authentic African dishes, this is the location for you. According to Bella explores, they serve really tasty meals, and the space offers some privacy if you go there for a date. She says, “Please take a picture or two at the wooden door.”

Eric Kayser

A friend of mine recently visited this restaurant and she gave them a very good review. So if you haven’t been here already, you really should visit. Don’t sleep on this one! 

Reserve Restaurant

Bella says, “The meals here are delicious and the best part is you can have two dates here with two different men at the same time and no one would catch you.” lol. The space is that versatile.

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