Who doesn’t have a pair or 2 of an Ankara material in their wardrobe? It is one of Nigerians best print when it comes to design; it is durable, comfortable, light and affordable. It can be worn to various occasions unlike the Adire or Asooke prints. The asooke prints are heavy materials with heavy beaded designs and are usually used for weddings. It will interest you to know that it did not originate from Africa but Europe, particularly Netherlands, although the prints were being altered here in Africa but not the fabric. It has beautiful designs and colours which need fewer accessories and at the same time makes you look very fashionable.

Ankara is celebrated all over Africa and Nigeria, and is loved by many people. If you want to cause a stare at the event you are looking forward to attending or create unique ways of wearing your Ankara, here are 5 ways to wear the Ankara-print. In all these, body type needs to be put into consideration.


Ankara can be worn in a classy way to the office. Did that surprise you? Most people in offices are used to wearing Ankara on Fridays but you are wrong, Ankara can be sewn into a wrap blouse, pencil skirt with a plain shirt, jumpsuit or trouser suit with a plain tank top worn inside. All these depend on where the person works, but can it be worn to the office on a Monday? YES INDEED.


Casual look is definitely in, as you can see a lot of young ladies do the Ankara wrap skirt with hills and a tank top. Some go with a simple straight dress with short sleeves or shorts for the beach and shirt dress. However way you view casual, you can count on it..


Did somebody say dinner date or event? You guessed right. Ankara can be styled elegantly as it can be sewn into a ball gown, long flowing gown or as an off shoulder dress or one armed dress. Lace and other kind of materials can be added to give colour and glam to the outfit. It can also be worn as a straight gown to events with plain shoes and a lovely purse.


Imagine the beautiful sight of Ankara in swim wear. Yes, very beautiful and attractive. Ankara is touching almost every phase of fashion. What other better way to choose a swim wear other than the Ankara-print one. Fashion designers like Andrea Iyamah and Oloriswim have followed this trend and are doing it well.


In case you do not want to wear the dress, or like the comfortable life of jeans and T-SHIRTS, there is another option for you. You can style your simple and casual look of jeans and T- shirts with Ankara bracelet or necklaces. This is not commonly worn by some people except the daring fashionistas, which want to turn heads in an event or be unique. This is in every way is stylish and I will ask that women can incorporate this in their outfits.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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